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beyond the D-brane
strange, thinking, Taco Bell, weird, metal, rock, acoustic, emo, punk
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Lonely Mists
First recording I ever made at home. The levels are really low, you'll have to turn it up to listen.
Not really a band as much as a tinkerer. I like to experiment with different styles of music and different instruments. I've messed around with everything from the bass, guitar, keyboard, mandolin, bagpipes, and violin that I own to, trumpet, french horn, and percussion that I played in highschool.
Band/artist history
millenia ago a monocellular prokaryotic organism underwent a succesion of evoltions eventually spawn the predecessors of primitive hominids... or I've been playing music for about 11 years. I got my first guitar for Christmas at age 12, its been a journey since.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to play live, but hate to tour a lot. I enjoyed playing some great shows with 5-1 High, but hated the feeling that music was an obligation instead of an outlet. Music is my cathartic.
Your musical influences
The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Lamb of God, Taking Back Sunday, Modest Mouse, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Ricky Skaggs, The Del McCoury Band, Arch Enemy, Tim Krekel...
Anything else?
Ask all the questions, challage the answers.
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