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Nancy Krebs
Nancy Krebs
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Meditational, thought-provoking songs for easy Christian listening...the music of singer-songwriter Nancy Krebs
Welcome to my Soundclick page! I have been a professional actor and singer for all of my adult life. I felt fairly complete doing theatre, films, voice-over work commercials, and teaching. Ever since I was in High School, I also wrote songs--many of them spiritual in nature. Ive always felt a strong desire to serve in some capacity. It wasnt until 1994, when I turned the process of writing over to God, that all of the avenues that I had been following seemed to come together. I began to write song after song, inspired by the Holy Spirit, singing at a church that supported my fledgling efforts. People kept asking me do you have a cassette or a CD of your songs? No, I would always answer--for the thought of recording never entered my head. Finally, after much soul-searching, my first album, THE JOURNEY, was created, and concerts followed; and more songs followed, and another album followed, and the journey continues. God is not finished yet, and neither am I. The songs Ive been blessed to write come under the heading of meditational, contemplative, inspirational; and when people listen, they seem to be moved by the sentiments expressed. My fervent hope is that a song will touch someones heart, and that heart will be moved to a closer union with God--the Father, who created us, Jesus the Son, who redeemed us, and the Holy Spirit, who sanctifies us.
Band/artist history
Bio Nancy Krebs started singing at age 3, and hasn't stopped yet! When she was 12, she began playing the violin. That soon led to the guitar and eventually the mandolin. In high school, Nancy began to write songs for Folk Masses and other church services. Ignoring a strong calling to compose full time, she actively pursued a career in theatre, film, radio and TV. Nancy has performed with professional regional theatres such as Center Stage, Alaska Repertory Theatre and Meadowbrook Theatre. She was a member of the Emmy award winning TV series for PBS called Once Upon a Town. In 1980 she joined the theatre faculty of the Baltimore School for the Arts and since 1981 she has been a member of the Interact Story Theatre. In 1994 Nancy's original calling to compose meditational songs of a spiritual nature could be ignored no longer. Turning the process over to God, Nancy spent 4 years composing music and began recording in 1998. With the guidance and support of her husband, Pete Baden, she has recorded and produced 5 albums; all of which are receiving airplay throughout the world. "What a journey", she says. "God has prepared me for this role all these years. When I look back it's just like a quilt. This is just what I should be doing."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Oh yes, that's basically what I do--concerts and retreats with my original music! Every time I sing--is a specail moment--when I see how the songs move members of the audience.
Your musical influences
My favorite artists have been songwriters--like Jimmy Buffett and Jim Croce, Tracy Chapman and Gordon Lightfoot. As a singer, I've always admired Anne Murray and Kathy Mattea--and my all time favorite singer is k.d. lang!
What equipment do you use?
I use a Taylor guitar, a beautiful Castleback Duiffopruggar violin, a Barnes Mandolin. In the studio, I use a M147 Neumann mic!
Anything else?
I hope you like the songs! Let me know if you do....
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