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Mista Unknown
Mista Unknown
30 Tracks
Unsigned hiphop artist/producer. Mix of 2Pac, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kanye West. It's all real.
Mista Unknown is a musical artist. With every musical composition being his canvas, he will put his pen to the pad and arrange his vision by way of lyrics to create a sound that is nothing less than soothing. Every word carefully placed to tell a story, explain a point of view or simply give every listener something to dwell on while enjoying the rhythm and melody. After each song is written, Mista Unknown then takes it one step further. With an unmatched delivery he raps into the microphone setting each word down with perfect rhythm, each syllable sounding like a percussion instrument. All while adding subtle harmonies, blending rhythm and melody to make his vision an audio reality. Mista Unknowns lyrics are not just words that rhyme in perfect sync, but real life. Whether it be his own experiences, or other realities, they are nothing less than REAL. That is why he makes his mark every time he steps on a stage or has his music heard by way of CD, mp3 or any other audio form. From heartfelt love songs, to up-tempo dance or pop songs, even when delivering controversial, straight to the point, acoustic guitar laced songs about the worlds struggles or common life regrets, these songs will grab you and tell you something. Mista Unknown has an un-dying desire to be heard. Not just listened to, but heard. Mista Unknown relentlessly uses music as his journal. At times creating multiple songs in one week and then performing them that same Friday night. Born and raised as a child from 2 musically inclined families, music is as much a part of his life as food and water, whether it is listening, creating, songwriting, recording, or just studying. He has been songwriting since 1998, recording and producing since 2000 and spent countless hours on stage performing his creations with a smooth and rhythmic grace. He moves to the rhythm as perfectly as he delivers syllables to it. Mista Unknown has worked with internationally known R&B singer/songwriter T.Q., West Coast rap superstar Too $hort and uprising pop star Legacy. Legacy felt it was well worth it to fly Mista Unknown from His Northern California hometown of Quincy to Los Angeles twice in September of 2011 to record one verse, and then perform in a music video to the song, just as a feature. This music video entitled, Internet Girlfriend can be found on Youtube. Mista Unknown has also worked with a plethora of local artists and international producers. Currently looking to set foot on as many stages as possible and grow his fan base even further than Northern California and surrounding areas, he is in the process of putting together a 3-4 piece band to accompany him on stage. Ever expanding and thinking outside the box, his creativity never stops. His ideas never run out. And as long as hes living life he will always have something to say. So count on hearing the name, Mista Unknown very soon. And count on hearing just what he has to say.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live. Yes I do like it, love it, it's a rush. No one can touch me when I'm on a stage. It's incredible. Every moment on stage is special to me.
Your musical influences
Eminem, Dr.Dre, 2Pac, Kanye West, Akon.
What equipment do you use?
Pen, notepad, laptop, brain..... HAHA. M-Audio Mobile Pre, Presonus Tube Pre, Behrenger Autocom Compressor, Shure KSM27, Yamaha HS80M Monitors.
Anything else?
Show some support. If you like it tell everybody you know, bookmark my page, download my songs burn 'em, give CDs to your friends or even people you dont know. I dont care. I have no distribution, so I probably couldn't sell you my CDs anyway. Have fun. Join the mailing list and street team at: a2zunknown@hotmail.com also hit me up on the message boards.
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