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Chops aka Moe Dukitz
were soaring, everywhere we go were noticed and thats real ... BLACK MAFIE!!! we love y'all people ... hahaha
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A Little Something ...
I Kinda Figured...
U already kno what it is ... Black Mafie iz tha Squad .. i am your General "Chops" aka Watever U Wanna Call Me... 2 most its Moe Dukitz, 2 sum its Wally Bravo ... and u kno .. im jus doing what i do best ... and thats some ov that "Grown Folk Muzik"
Band/artist history
we aint a band .. so i aint gonna answer that ... hahaha
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yea .... ov course we play live ... like what kinda person calls the self and emcee that aint doing shit live ... that aint a an emcee .. thats a wannabe feel me ?
Your musical influences
Rick James Bitch ... nah im jokin .. but furreal ... im like a twist ov biggie Jay, Nas, on some Pete Rock shit u kno ... but i also gotta big up Saukrates, Maestro, Choclair and cats like that, that represent us as ov now cuz them cats did something u kno .. but im here to change it .. make a lil more real .. but a lil more gangsta too u feel me .. like i aint no lollipop rapper .. im here to make a name 4 me and the team.
What equipment do you use?
Techno ... and WHAT!?! nigga please ... this is Hip Hop ..
Anything else?
yea ... big up Empire ...20/20 records .... big the Teflon Squadron ... Black Mafie u already kno .. Co-Founder ov the Mafie (G.C) Golden Child ov Teflon and 93.5 Flowcase winner .. like its easy to see the teams unstoppable ... Angelique out in Def Jam .. Big Joe out in L.A ... Platinum Kill Studios .. Plus-Mo , Slink Bizzle ... My Niggas - My Bitches - and My Riches ... Thank You... Lets Go...