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The AC Thundertones
The AC Thundertones
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THE AC THUNDERTONES is a blues Rock Pop Contemporary Christian music band who currectly plays on garageband.com, aicdplaent.com, sonic garden.com, ChristianIndi
The AC Thundertones! is a mostly Blues Rock band consisting of two members. Paul & John Zarvis. Both brothers write the tunes and do all the recording in their home studios. Paul Plays keyboards, sings, and writes, and John Plays guitars, sings amd writes. Paul on his own also writes Material in the Christian Contemporary genre as this is very important music to him as well.
Band/artist history
MISSIN' YOU DOES IT AGAIN! Thanks to you! We did it again! Get this! We've crossed over into the R&B category and are up to number 27 in that one as well. Our sincere thanks to all who've reviewed out tunes and got us this far. Below are the recent awards and some of the newer reviews MISSIN ' YOU have received. Dont' Miss it! Our newest Blues Rocker is Call On Me which features slammin guitar work from John Temple Zarvis. Watch for it at GB.com in about two days! See ya! The AC Thundertones were featured as Track of the DAY in Blues Rock a few weekd ago BUT....... Thanks to The AC Thundertones! fans our song MISSIN' YOU will be featured AGAIN as Track of the WEEK at www.garageband.com.This mean the tune will be played for 7 days straight starting the Date of FEB. 21st through the 7th! MISSIN' YOU will be featured for 24 hours a dayagain for those 7 days BUT THIS TIME in the R&B category! Come check it out! On February 21st click on the following link and you'll get there BUT WAIT UNTIL THE 21st! : http://www.GarageBand.com/go/OTYDKKH9M1 . If you want to check out the tune right now click on the "Track Of The Day Red icon above. Thanks to all who reviewed our music. Without your reviews we could not make it this far! Watch for our new Blues Rock release: CALL ON ME It will be uploaded at GB.com in by 2/16/05 ! This one's a smoker! Wait till ya hear John Temple Zarvis wail on guitar in this one! We leave it to you! Paul. The AC Thundertones! Below are some of the recent feedback on this tune! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HERE'S WHAT THE NEWEST OF GARAGEBAND LISTENERS HAD TO SAY ABOUT OUR SONG MISSIN YOU! Below are all the songs reviews in only three days! as we moved into Round Two of Reviewing And into the TOP TEN! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blues Bar... If I were to walk into a Blues Bar today, this is what I would expect to hear. Not groundbreaking, but true blue! - Ballinlea from Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rough... ...tone on the first notes and then an Albert Collin sound for the rest of the lead work. Got a nice swing to it, the piano keeps it trucking on. The lead guitar work is very good, nice feel to it. I prefer music without brass sections, but on ths occasion it fits well, fills the gaps that the guitar leaves. The chord structure is standard for this style of music isn't it? so you ain't done nothing wrong there. Good track. - Fishnet from Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gary Waits and the Blueblockers Great track. Everything about it is well done and pro. This guitarist's tone, and the way they used the synth/horns really remind me of Gary Moore. I would really be surprised if someone involved hadn't listened to him a bunch. The song itself; lyrics and delivery - could be more decisive in the approach. The opening of the song was very personal, lazy and sparse and conversational - and a lot like what I've come to love about Tom Wait's over the years. But somewhere in the middle -round about the time the lyric says "I just wanted to have some fun", the attention ot detail with regard to the character and their story - a personal tale from one person to his woman - seemed to get traded in for big production number values. I mean, "the hearts a lonely hunter" -yikes. The hard part is that, as the lyric veered away from the "Betty I know I fucked up again - it's just that I love ya so much - I mean shit, you make me so crazy ..."blue valentine song it started out to be, the production went along with it - so I think that song is lost. It may be better to rethink the beginning of the lyric and start out being in the second or third person - waxing wise as you go and allowing the great production to stay eactly like it is. Whatever becomes of this track - the talent is obviously there, and - given the right choice for who they want to be seen as - the artist has a great shot at (and probably already has) a fine career. Emory J - emoryj from Oakland, California on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- smooth i like the intro flows nicely almost a tom waits feel from the early yearslyrics are good predictable but nice. this song is alright you sound very talented i think this song is lacking something but im sure you have good stuff - Skippa from Hanson, Massachusetts on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hot Mix requires listener to PAY ATTENTION The way this song leads in with guitar, followed by rhythm section, then horns...WHOA YEAH! The bass line is EQ'd to perfection in my ear's take on things. Really rocks. Guitar solo rips. Singer is nicely on pitch and doesn't push the envelope past his capabilities. This song is a winner all around. - heavyhart37 from Ames, Iowa on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leon Russell blues with great vocals Excellent job. The only criticism is the excessive reverb, but maybe that's the result of the encoding process. Nice arrangements, great playing - a pleasure to listen to. - realex from Brentwood, New York on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love the guitar and horns Ahh, this was sweet. You had me right from the intro notes. Nice chords and excellent guitar work. The solo is excellent. Very soulful. I don't normally care much for extended solos, but this one held my interest. The horns are very well done as well. Well written parts and good performance. - winstonapple from Independence, Missouri on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This song put a SPELL on Me!!! Wow! They don't have enough Extra Credit categories for me to list. But you guys get every one, and since they don't have it listed HORNS were excellent, fabulous, tremendous. Lead Guitar is played flawlessy and the Chord Structure is unique and yet, (oops song stopped had to start again) very familiar. The vocals are perfect mix of blues/swing. I expect to be seeing and hearing this band on Tv or in the movies. I am out of words to describe this, other than I LOVE IT!!!!! - Deadhead38 from Lodi, California on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very professional blues The chord structure does give it something a little original in not being a standard 12-bar. Lead guitar? Good, nice feel and pretty good tone too. Maybe a little a little less echo for the next mix? The horns sound okay. I kept wondering if they were synthentic, most people probably wouldn't though..... When the horns are blaring and the lead guitar is soloing about 3 minutes in, really gets a dense sound. Perhaps that was the goal. This may not be my bag for a blues tune but no doubt the band got the sound they were going for. Well done. - JDONLINE from Naugatuck, Connecticut on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIG CITY BLUES Thats what I call BIG CITY BLUES ! A whipping piano and a compact horn section gave the listener the feeling of an evening in a smokey late night bar. The guitar is played in the vein of Moore and Clapton, means that you got fat produced blues with a smart attitude ! Gimme the whiskey... - fuzznsurf from Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Classic Intro Feels like Robert Cray and Bruce Willis formed a super Horney blues orchestra. This is a huge production with some nice guitar movements and a swanky , dirty polished feel. - CRASHLANDING from Fairfax, California on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Gary Moore' fire... Yeah, good tight song and production, with 'Gary Moore' kind of guitar playing and fire, with nice brass backing. The vocals are top too. - Dairybeat from Purmerend, Noord-Holland, Netherlands on 28Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bluesy and groovin' It's a toe tapper kind of tune and I like it in a groovy kind of way. The vocals don't really match the flow of the song though. The singer needs to get a bit raunchier with his voice I think. Overall very cool tune though. Lead guitar kicks ass! Horns are a nice touch. They blend well. - slc_girl from Salt Lake City, Utah on 27Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bourbon street This song is sending out killer vibes. Great lead guitars with a superb multi-layered tone and the vocals are just pure class. This song is a professionally sounding and obviously well planned and thought out piece of music. Love the emotional and meaningful lyrics and the way you made the guitar just scream. The song has a beautiful chord structure ansetup d is perfectly. Obviously a great songwriter behind this and an awesome arrangement. Awesome use of horns and yet again it brings good vibes. The kinda New Orleans Bourbon Street vibes with everybody on the back of a 60's utility playing beautiful meaningful music to the public. This song also had nice background solo's and a respectable outro. This is probably one of the best blues/jazz rock song i have ever heard on garageband.com and just, EVER! This song is extremely engaging and it hooked me in immediately from the start to the outro at 4:03 sec. This song is a credit to you accomplished musicians. - Muff_The_Band from Gosnells, Perth, Australia on 27Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evil mind guitar tude! Vocals are up front and sound good. Guitar tone is good. Lyrics are cool. Lead playing is nice, I can relate. Has a nice original sound. Sounds a lot like my strat though my mesa (sorry). Horns are cool. I like it! - Azrat from Salt Lake City, Utah on 27Jan2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hell ya now heres a band i wuoldnt mind seeing live,excellent lead guitar w/ a "real" blusy feel,the hornes werekinda perdictable,but all in all the chord structure brought it all together.good feel - MARTYSSON from Sandusky, Michigan on 27Jan2005 The Thundertones On The AIR! WHOOOOOPS! On January 30, 2005 The AC Thundertones! were interviewed on WHRL Rock 103.1 Radio in Albany New York Paul talked about the band, it's origins, and mission And the band's music went on the air. Johnny Z Couldn't be there because of prior commitments. It was Jason Keller's Big Break Show. Due to editing of the show not under our control John Zarvis never got mentioned as one of The Thundertones! Unbelievable! Without my brother Johnny, and his great talents The AC Thundertones! wouldn't even be here at all. We're sure that Jason Keller did not do this intentionally but it was just one of those things. So our apologies to our fans. In the future, we're doing all of our band interviews together because we know some of you guitar players want to know how John Temple Zarvis gets those great sounds and want to hear from him. And don't forget about Jason Keller's Rock 103.1 Big Break Show It's a great place to get unsigned local bands recognition they deserve. To find out more click below for WHRL Rock 103.1's Big Break With Jason Keller http://whrl.com Thanks to our listeners! UPDATE!! Aside from the above editing problem The AC Thundertones! show on Jason Keller's Big Break show went great! They played two AC Thundertoness! tunes. MISSIN'YOU and ALL THE PRETTY GUNS We're looking forward to getting on the air again real soon with More great new music! To book The AC Thundertones! on your radio program go to our Contact page
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play in the Captital District Area of Upstate New York, including Albany, SChenectady, Troy, and surrounding cities. We like it here because there's a whole lot of stuff going on here musically. We have had several "special moments" including an exclusive interview of our music and song: MISSIN' YOU on WHRL Rock 103.2FM The Edge station with Jason Keller (DJ) back in February. We've also had our music featured twice as Track of the Day in Blues Rock genre and right now it's Track of the Week in R&B genre The same song: MISSIN' YOU
Your musical influences
Our Musical influences are all the great blues players, Rock and Rollers We couldn't name 'em all. But if you simply type the words: THE AC THUNDERTONES into GOOGLE and hit the search key you'll be able to get to where our music is anywhere on the planet
What equipment do you use?
All The T-Tones songs were recorded on home studios using SONAR and WAVELAB editing and Mastering software
Anything else?
The AC Thundertones! are expecting big things to happen. Not because we're snotty and stuck up, but because we believe in our music and I (Paul) have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed me in so many areas musically.