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MC wreckshin
MC wreckshin
12 Tracks
True gangsta rap at it's very best... And by gangsta we mean whiteboy... And by best we mean worst.
MC wreckshin grew up on the streets of Jupiter, Florida; a town with lots of rich elderly people. From the moment he was born he knew he was destined to become the world's most hardcore gangsta rapper. At a very young age he joined the most hardcore gang in Jupiter. He used his experiences as a gangbanger to write some of the most intense lyrics imaginable. At the age of 21 he realized "the hardcore gang" he rolled with wasn't a gang at all but in actuality they were the mentally handicapped kids in the special education class at his school. Thrown into total dismay MC wreckshin went into a month long robotussin binge and somehow ended up on the streets of Orlando, Florida. This is where he met his DJ and together they produced "Our Very First Ever E.P. Ever" E.P.
Band/artist history
It all started during the crazy hurricane season here in florida. I believe it was during hurricane Charlie (the first in a series of 3 motherfuckin bitches). I was chillin with JeffMK in his town (cause my town Orlando was getting fucked up the ass by Charlie) and he had electricity. It was still pretty bad outside so we couldn't really do anything, so of course, we decided to get drunk. He was messin around on his computer makin music and i was like "dude we should start a band, you make the beats and i'll rap." I wrote some drunken lyrics to a song called "bubble in my butt". It was all pretty terrible, I had never even attempted rapping before, but with practice i'd like to think i've gotten a little better. After the hurricane and through the other ones I kept writing lyrics but we never recorded anything. Then JeffMK decided he was gonna move to california in one month and work at his sisters new bar. So then it was cram time, he moved in to my place for that month and we worked on music (and got drunk, ha) everyday. My friends helped us do some skits as well and in that drunken hazy month we finished "Our Very First Ever E.P. Ever" E.P.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
One day hopefully. I need a lot more practice and experience before that will happen.
Your musical influences
mc chris, Beastie Boys, Bloodhound Gang, Atom and his Package, Pixies, Mindless Self Indulgence, Built to Spill, Weezer, Eminem, Pavement, Violent Femmes, NOFX, and Nirvana
What equipment do you use?
a pencil and paper, fruity loops, soundforge, a computer mic, and alcohol.
Anything else?
word up muthafuckahs!
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