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Cewineye plays Pop/Rock music with Spanish Guitar Influences, Symphonic Metal Rock, Alternative -Rock, and -Country. With a lyric Voice, fast Guitar Licks and m
01-Cewineye _ Dolphins Play
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Acoustic Vibe
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My Darling
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I close my eyes by Cewineye
Cewineye is a duo with Angie and Johan Lindblad /Songwriters and Musicians - see more below...... Johan Lindblad is a Lead Guitar Player that got his roots mainly in the Rock Music as well as in Jazzfusion and Spanish Guitar. He has been touring full-time between 1989-97 all around USA with his own former band Sincity and together with, among others, the CBS Recording Artist Carmel Watters and the Guitar Wizzard Greg Howe (Michael Jacksons former Sideman/Guitarist) and they made several Radio-, and TV-performances. Back in Sweden again in 1997 he has worked both with Studio-Recordings as well as live performances. Johan is playing all instruments - Electric-, Acoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar and has made all Drum-Arrangements on the CD Album "Acoustic Vibe". The CD-Album "Acoustic Vibe" is mixed and produced by Johan. Angie is a Lead Singer attached by the Celtic Music and Rock Music. She has performed live in Stockholm Jazz Festival, Pubs, Bellman Museeum and Festivals, Kungsträdgården Scen and in Gotland and has also been on small tours in Scotland, England, USA and in Ireland. She began writing songs in 1996 and has been doing it ever since. She has made a jingle for a short-film about animals thats been sent several times on National Television in Sweden (SVT), and shes been doing both Radio-, and TV-performances in SVT, National and Local Radio. Angie sings the Lead and Harmony Vocals and Arranges them on the CD Album "Acoustic Vibe". Angie has written all the songs and the lyrics on the CD-Album "Acoustic Vibe".
Band/artist history
Angie is performing together with Johan Lindblad since 2005. Angie and Johan is writing their songs together.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we do play live! We use to play at a pub for students at the University in Stockholm sometimes and it is great. In times when we are not in the studio we do play at different venues in Stockholm as well as on an Island called Gotland in Sweden.
Your musical influences
The musical influences are people, people, people and people...... dreams, Nature, meetings with people, experiences, philosophy, life.... Besides that we are also inspired by any good musician and artist we listen to. Angie, are especially inspired by Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Fergie, Enya, Madonna and Lady Gaga among others!
Anything else?
Cewineye's debut album "Acoustic Vibe" was released March 1st 2012 It is available on iTunes, Amazon and Ginza Worldwide in Mp3-format, as well as a physical CD on CDON in the whole EU and in Musicstores in Sweden.
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