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Award-winning, pop, melodic, funky, songstress Javelyn is an artist whose voice and music soothes straight to the soul, while kickin’ the butt. Javelyn also pe
Three Steps
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Cut to the Chase
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Love For Eternity
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Winner of three Rockies Awards, including Outstanding Female Solo Artist of the Year and Best Folk Artist from Rock City News. Grammy-member, pop, melodic, songstress Javelyn is an artist whose voice and music soothes straight to the soul, while kickin the butt. Sometimes controversial, but always quick to apply the balm of melody, Javelyn kicks it up a notch with new tunes at soundclick.com. at Synergy Cafe in Culver City. Again thank you for all your support!! Please leave a comment on our message board.
Band/artist history
I toured with my first CD which charted on Gavin between Sarah MacLachlan and Matchbox 20 on the Hot A/C charts, had airplay on over 200 radio stations nationwide, and had rave reviews from press, DJs & online sources. I currently host and perform with other acts at Java With Javelyn, an indie music nite which occurs twice a month around Los Angeles, featuring some of the hottest indie live & recorded music in LA. As stated above, I am also a regular at Westwood Farmers Market each month, where I bring a couple of guests along. I have three CD releases, including "Bustin' Loose", available exclusively on iTunes, "Cut to the Chase" and "Lady J: Music For the Soul". Later this summer, Javelyn will be traveling to Arkansas City, KS to headline at a benefit Battle of the Bands concert for the Greensburg Tornado survivors.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes - All around Los Angeles and beyond... I have a residency twice monthly where I perform and host the event at The Talking Stick (1st Fridays) and Unurban Cafe (3rd Saturdays) in Santa Monica, CA and I perform once a month at Westwood Farmers Market (2nd Thursdays). Check out live events for dates and other events.
Your musical influences
No Doubt, Tori Amos, Kelly Clarkson
What equipment do you use?
Basic - the simpler the better - in fact I use a Fender AmpCan for my PA when I play out, unless I'm with a whole band... I leave that to my band-mates, of which there are many - depending on gig or event.
Anything else?
I work with a very kewl rapper, Mr. Wax, from time to time... work a bunch with collab sits from recording to live... love new energies and seeing what kind of creative madness we can come up with. I'm experimenting with more and more jam synergy, bringing competent artists along with me for my musical ride as I perform live and in the studio - makes for a more fun trip.
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