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Soundsystem Mash Hall
Soundsystem Mash Hall
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Struggle, extreme poverty, triumph, loss, hunger, guidence, abandonment, pain, love, cold streets, colder winters, forgotten neighborhoods, corner stores, famil
The SoundSystem Mash Hall Rockers: Struggle, extreme poverty, triumph, loss, hunger, guidence, abandonment, pain, love, cold streets, colder winters, forgotten neighborhoods, corner stores, family businesses, schools, choices, bad influences, mean streaks, pilots, mangnums, caps, krylon, sneakers, gear, boom boxes, circles, linoleum, jams, turntables, old record shops, garage sales, battles, homemade slipmats, mics, notebooks, pencils, breaks, samples, perfect beats, kings, queens, fore fathers, history, sons, cops chasing, buses, 40s, rum & coke, herb, swishers, mixtapes, house parties, block parties, spots, bbqs, crew, family, culture, dues, spirituality, understanding, thought, questions, answers, anger, outrage, frustration, drive, fire, heart, soul, balance, vibe, respect, CHANGE... WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE MASH HALL.
Band/artist history
djblesOne: Mash Hall is here to perserve the true bboy spirit in hiphop music today. Coming from a deep bboy history, djblesOne was first introduced to bboying in 1986 at the YMCA when a broken home saw him there after school every day. Looking up to the older crews, bles was quickly adopted into the dance because of the determination he posest to compete with the bboys he idolized. Through out the golden age of hiphop, bles continued to remain active in every aspect of hiphop, writing his first rhyme in 5th grade, learning to bomb at age 11 & meeting his passion in hiphop, djing at age 14. Bboying & djing went hand & hand through out the 90s with djing bboy jams & free practices, performing hiphop showcases with Def Con 5 & opening for a wave of underground hiphop concerts. Bles also djed for his original group Ol Dominion throughout the 90s & still continues to work with his childhood hiphop family. Bles taught the fundamentals of bboying to junior high students for several years through school & community programs & organized local & national bboy events. Bles released several mixtapes but the biggest accomplishments were the bboy cds which bles made more to be "bboy albums" because of the original music produced & a trademark style of remixes, skratches & skits. The more original & complex the mixtapes became is what gave birth to MASH HALL. Founded with his cousin Ronnie Voice in 1999, MASH HALL has evolved from the creative bboy style mixtape bles became known for into a bboy fresh style of production to move bboys, rock crowds & keep the true dj feel alive. What MASH HALL brings to the stage is the raw open circle, deep rooted in funk breaks & bboy rhythms, block party energy & what hiphop is missing...fun. MASH HALL IS THE FUTURE OF BBOY MUSIC CLASSICS!!! ****************************************************************** Ronnie Brown: Growing up dirty ass Milpitas right outside of North San Jose Ronnie Voice's hip-hop begun. From the early 80's to the early 90's he embraced the dance, running with some of the dopest crews in the Bay Area at the time. Staying true to his soul along with deep graf roots and runnin with some of the dopest writers of the early 90's he recorded his first track at the age of 12 on the old Karoake machine (half filipino). Getting mixed up in gangs and crime his mom chose to move the whole family to Portland where he continued to build his musical roots. Known for ripping shit on the original Bles One mix tape "Knowledge is Power." With a solid hip-hop cultured upbringing and a little thug passion Ronnie Voice continues to bring the concious revolutionary vibe to you punk bitches! ****************************************************************** Bruce Illest: FIRST THINGS FIRST, I'M A STRAIGHT UP BBOY FOR LIFE, SINCE I WAS BORN TILL THE DAY I DIE YOU WILL ALWAYS CATCH ME IN ANY CIRCLE, ANYWHERE, FIRST TO GET IN LAST TO LEAVE...BBOYS BBOY FOREVER JUST ASK BLES ONE MIXTAPES.... ...I love music like a woman, but a good woman, not a hoe... ...ok, & I'm an asshole, I done shit I'm not proud of but I care, I love the fuckin world & everyone in it, even if I have to kick your ass, I love you, so fuck off, peace & love..... I like BBQs, Slow Jams, Coronas w/ Lime, Bgirls, Sneakers, New Jack Swing, Bombing, Bboying, Jumpoffs, 79 Cent Chilli Dog Sunday, Underground Artists tryin to do something fuckin different for a change, fuck the radio, I like real breasts, urban art, Graffiti everywhere, raw open circles, MGD, the muthafuckin beach, the Massive Monkees, I want Kid Ken to make a fuckin mixtape, I want Jodeci to get back together & make a fuckin album, none of that KCi & JoJo shit, breakbeats, real make u wanna cry with em soul music, Rappers who actually entertain at a show, fuck boring rappers, I hate u, I hate u, u suck dick, mixtapes that actually mix, fuck djs who train wreck live, go back fucking home & practice, I love South Seattle, Hillside, Rainier Beach, Skyline, Columbia City...Southside fuckers, I love girls who got somethin to say, so say somethin, I hate mad at the world fuckers, fuck you, the world is hard, & someone's always got it worse, I love listenin to music in my car, life soundtrack, I love hot cheetos w/ Lime, fuck yea, with beer, oh yea & bgirls, & jumpoffs.....Bruce Illest fuckers want the truth I'll spill it....
Your musical influences
Slick Rick, SOS Band, Big Daddy Kane, NWA, Jodeci, Special Ed, Freddie Jackson, James Brown, Al Green, Naughty by Nature, G Dep, BBD, Ice Cube, Kid n Play, The Ramones, Full Force, Cypress Hill, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Black Moon, Rage Against the Machine, Teddy Riley, House of Pain, Adventura, GangStarr, Public Enemy, Sade, Dj Quik, Ice T, Kid Ken, Tony Toni Tone, Glenn Miller, Shalamar, Guy, Biggie, Bobby Brown, Cool C, Rakim, Keith Sweat, Kool G Rap & Dj Polo, Blackstreet, Black Sheep, MixMasta KD, Zap & Roger, New Edition, Guns & Roses, Your Mom