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The Daily Worker
The Daily Worker
8 Tracks
A Modern electro-pop band. We are electro-pop, ebm, industrial, electro, 80's music
We are The Daily Worker, a synthpop/industrial/electro/ebm band. Our main goal is to create music that combines sounds of the past with modern electronics. Melodic synth lines, complex drum patterns, catchy bass-lines. We want our songs to convey a sense of a run-down factory and so interesting sounds are used in the drum tracks.
Band/artist history
Too complex to share right now. Lets just say this is the 3rd resurrection of this band with the 3rd name change. We've gone from pure synthpop to ska-synthpop to what we are now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we are more of a live band than a studio band. We sound better live and would rather play live than sit and record anyday. Our live show is very cool because we actually play our synths and trigger drum sounds/sound effects live instead of sing kareoke like many other synthpop/ebm bands. Our biggest crowd so far was 300, it was fun.
Your musical influences
The 80's greats, Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop boys, Information Society, NIN, Covenant, AND ONE, KMFDM, Run DMC, any good dance band or song with a beat
What equipment do you use?
DX7 Korg Trinity rack Ensoniq ESQ-1 Alesis QS-7 Korg MS2000 EMU-sampler of some kind EMU-yellow drum-machine/synthworkstation Some cheap Casio Roland Octapads Fruity Loops software some minidisk player
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