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TRASE is an MC from the north of The Netherlands. Rockin' the mic for over a decade now he is still trying to make his way up in the industry. TRASE delivers no
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TRASE - 32 Bars (Demo Version)
32 Bars is like it says in the title; 32 Bars of lyrical swag from TRASE, who's about to release his long awaited album.
Won't Adapt (Original Mix)
Won't Adapt is the album starter of the upcoming TRASE release, which is planned for this year. Going strong on myspace, hyves and other charts, its time to hit soundclick. Underground Hip Hop in its purest form.
Won't Adapt (Remix)
Song is about not making any crossover, about staying true in the game and giving a critical perspective on the situation of hip hop nowadays.
Dragon Virgo
Dragon Virgo is an uptempo banger with Greek influences. The music really inspires me to rhyme because of the passion within it. Production by Pounding Rhythms.
TRASE is an MC from the Netherlands and brings the real hip hop since '94. Went for his in 1997 after breaking up with his former band. Releases: The Encounta (2001), Supply and Demand (2003), The Essentials (2004)
Band/artist history
After elementary school TRASE discovered his love for the manipulation of the english language. Growing up in the north of The Netherlands, he tried to hit every mic available, rocking house parties and ciphers alongside his formerly partner in rhyme, SIGN and DJ DEAR. Together they formed "THE BUCKWILD TRIBE", a group which fell apart in the end of 1997. In a period of 4 years they recorded some demo tracks which were never officialy released. TRASE took it to the next level when he decided to leave the group and by taking manners in his own hand. Main goal at the time was to release the songs that were never put out on tape. At that period he met IMPRO (PEE DON or DONNIE DANK) through his brother KWAEL who was also into Hip Hop and inspired by the art of rhyme. They hooked up and started to work on a demo. It was 1998, TRASE was on mission to pursue his own solo career. He was tired of the no progress type of phases he had been dwelling in during the last years. The match with IMPRO turned out to be promising, they released their first product in 2001. That same year he met DJ IRIE (also check out: www.dj-irie.com), who did all the DJ work on the first release (THE ENCOUNTA). Together they did a serie of shows (as TRASE & IRIE) and won the local mc contest in the same year and performed @ FREEZE FESTIVAL. In the same year TRASE & IRIE reached the Regio-Finale in the Grote Prijs van Nederland (category Hip Hop/R'nB), but didn't make it to the final. Though things started working for the group, they performed at various spots and got some rotation on the radio with cuts like "ALL SEASONS" and "LONGEVITY". In 2002 TRASE worked with STRAIGHT A's ENTERTAINMENT(www.str8ace.com) on another album, a full-length compilation project which featured guests like ELGEE DA ENFORCER (STRAIGHT A's), B-BOY MAYHEM (BEDEAC, STRAIGHT A's) & DJ SNIPER (STRAIGHT A's). Two of the three TRASE cuts on the album, which came out in 2003 entitled "SUPPLY and DEMAND", were produced by ELGEE DA ENFORCER, a cooperation which was found in 2001. TRASE is a part of STRAIGHT A's ENTERTAINMENT since 2001 and still trying to make his way up in the industry. The other production was done by IMPRO, a track called "RAPVANDAL", which did good. Round 2002/2003 they were working on a upcoming release which was planned for the fall of 2003. The bulk of the production on the album was handled by IMPRO, who is proving to be a talented producer as well as a MC. Two cuts on the album were produced by ELGEE DA ENFORCER, a cooperation which was found in 2001. The second album was never released. Some of the songs from the album were released seperately, like "EXCEL" in the winter of 2004. During this period TRASE did many shows because at the end of the day there is where his heart is at. Late 2004 TRASE started with the preparations of a new album. The album will feature different productions from a bunch of producers. At this time TRASE recorded a lot of tracks. In 2005 TRASE is, besides busy recording songs for his own album, also working on a whole new project with IMPRO. The MOONMEN (TRASE & IMPRO) project, an EP with 8 tracks. Soon more news around this project. For his upcoming solo release TRASE reached out to different producers for beats. His main beatsmith IMPRO will take care of the executive production of the new album. Late 2005 his crew, S.A. (SPARKNESS ART) was reformed and plans for a group album were made. From early 2006 until now, the crew already recorded over 30 tracks! The release date for group album is around summer of this year. As for the new TRASE solo release we'll have to wait a little longer, but that ain't nuthin' new. Meanwhile you can check out the latest exclusives on this page (which gets updated frequently). Early this year TRASE has been working on the new ELGEE DA ENFORCER project, which will be released soon (check out: www.myspace.com/elgeedaenforcer). One on the tracks on the new ELGEE DA ENFORCER album they did is called "JACKINLOOPS", which is surely to let speakers bump. Finally, also check out IMPRO space @ www.myspace.com/impro1 if you are looking for tight productions. Plus don 't forget...TRASE is sure to come to a theatre near you. Cheers! Also check TRASE on www.myspace.com/trase
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well yea, because that what this artform is all about. To bring it live through this fantastic medium. Everywhere they ask me (well not everywhere). Hell yea i like it otherwise i wouldn't be doin' it, right? I did a show on a new year's party once. I became the winner of the annual Six-cup (a local Hip Hop contest) with DJ Irie in 2001. Record release parties always kind of special to me.
Your musical influences
At first, i got to mention the golden era of hip hop and some of my all time favorites: A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Special Ed, Gangstarr, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Freestyle Fellowship, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth to name a couple. Nowadays i listen to MF DOOM, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, The Roots and a lot independent music. I like basic, hardcore, simple beats with good melodic compositions and can't skip out on that funk!
What equipment do you use?
Pro-Tools, Reason 3, Cool Edit Pro, Roland synths, Korg materials, Reason, turntables and a whole lot of sampling
Anything else?
I just wanna say peace to all my peoples around the world and all those real musicians out there. Keep dooin' what you do! www.myspace.com/trase Check for Donny Dank Beats or www.myspace.com/impro1
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