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Third Round Chambered
TRC is a three-piece band playing contemporary rock tunes with a passion and style that is all their own.
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Three Strikes
The Full Mix...Our Debut song on SoundClick!!
The Question
Soul On Hold
THIRD ROUND CHAMBERED - Song Of The Month - March, 2006
Help Them Find Their Home
TRC is a three-piece band playing contemporary rock tunes with a passion and style that is all their own. All three members are multi-talented musician/artists that have worked together now for several years. It took some time to develop a direction to take the band, but they are now coming straight at you with some very hot original compositions.
Band/artist history
Originating in Tucson, Arizona, the band really has no history, only a future.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've done a few live shows here in Tucson, and a few out of town. Would very much like to do more... way more live performances. TRC has a buttload of equiptment, and music (including cover tunes) that we'd like to share with ALL OF YOU! We are a 'Band For Hire', so if you enjoy our stuff and would like us to rock your club, give us a holla!
Your musical influences
All three members have totally different influences from The Beatles, to Ted Nugent, to Chevelle. Pretty much all music has influenced the band.
What equipment do you use?
Roland, Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, Crate, Line 6, Crown, Marshall, Korg, Art, Behringer, Shure, Ahead, Pearl, Boss, DBX, Alesis, ProCo, Yamaha, Jensen, Oktava, Tama, Charvel Jackson, Alvarez, Ovation, Epiphone, Ernie Ball, Monster, JBL, AKG, Dunlop, Planet Waves, Kent Armstrong, Sabian, TDK, Sony, Dell, Canon, Hipshot, Tonepros, & Cakewalk for the moment.
Anything else?
Production is a drag! We do spend time on producing the music, and getting better at it all the time; however, at this point, all of us are equally "uninterested" in polishing up the recordings so we hope that they are at least good enough for you to listen to. "Knowledge Through Experience Overcomes Ignorance." We'll get it down someday, right?
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