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Mercedez AkA Mercy
Mercedez AkA Mercy
12 Tracks
im more of the R'n'B chic but i can put it down on that Hip Hop tip
n***s gon be n***s
Come Inside
Gni ft. Mercy- watch ya back
a taste of my love
I Need You
wassup yall this ya gurl Mercy or as my mama named me in the birth room Mercedez lol. I am 18 years old and my birthday is june 17th im a Gemini. i am mixed with black,white,and Puerto rican and I live in Atl with my Husband Gni who is also doing his thang on the music tip. i was born and raised in the REAL dirty SOUTH florida. so now i am a FlorGia girl! and i keep it crunk errywhere i am! If anyone wanna do a callabo i sing and i rap hit me up on yahoo--- downsouffgurl@yahoo.com or you can hit me up on my Husbands name AIM--- trudragon42
Band/artist history
history is history lol im tryna rise on up in the future ya feel me
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i have done alot of talent shows growing up the latest one i did was last year at my school Auburndale High i sung whitney houston count on me, I love to be on stage!!!
Your musical influences
Alot of my inspiration comes from my Husband Mike he is a wonderful artist he doesnt finish a song until it is perfect i know he will make it big soon!!!!!!!!! but mainstream wise im feelin alicia keys,im still bumpin mariah carey, whittney houston,Aaliyah (R.I.P), janet jackson, and Mary J. Blige
Anything else?
i wanna give a shout out to erryone my best friend in the whole wide world who has always had my back thru errythang Jessica Johns,Mandie,Kasey,Keyon,Niesha,T.O.P,Scotty aka Thrasher,Dat boy Mike,Don Voss,3Cp,RTGR,my mom,my Husband's mom(Mom2) and my Husband's dad(Dad2)and my Husband who for 5 years has had my back I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS COULD EVER EVER EVER SAY well to erryone i named i love yall to death and if i make it big one day with whatever i do with my life i will never forget yall lmao BOY STOP *BIG BOI TONE* lol yall know i do this shit for fun only lol i cant sing or rap
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