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Alpha Quadrant
Alpha Quadrant
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Dark electronics and Helltrance: Alpha Quadrant - main founders of the Helltrance genre.
Alpha Quadrant is Frank W. from Siegen / Germany who was formerly a member of the dark electro / industrial act called "Split Effect". But some time in 2001 the band split up (very realistic bandname you will notice *g*). So in 2001-2002 Frank decided to continue with some more dark electronic tunes under the name "Alpha Quadrant" short "AQ". The result is a mixture from several styles, perhap named as darkelectro, goatrance, psytrance,wave,techno and ambient. Also Split Effect + AQ were one of the main founders around the year 2000 of the "hELLTRANCE" genre. !! Please NOTE the newer titles have better mastering and quality than these on Soundclick (mostly only previews on this site) Also of course these low quality MP3 dont match the AUDIO CD !!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No. I first need 1 or 2 other members for live gigs.
Your musical influences
EBM, electro, darkwave, ambient, science fiction and horror films, industrial, goatrance, psychedelic, techno, chill, pop.....
What equipment do you use?
2 synths, a Boss SE50 effect, a 12 channel analogue mixing console, a DBX and Behringer compressor and some software,too. I use a Celeron 1400 PC with Logic Audio 5 and the EXS sampler.... Since around 2004 i use more software especially some freeware stuff and of course all the nice Logic onboard effects and synths ! But i still have "real synthies" (CS2x,AN1x,NL2 rack) in my studio...
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