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workboot is me stomping my foot and singing and playing my tunes
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I caught you smiling
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WORKBOOT is me doug nye with whoever else I can summon to play with. basically I perform solo. I do all original songs accompanied on guitar, banjo and harmonica .I also have a christian all original band called "press'n " that I have had going in one form or another for about 3 years
Band/artist history
my musical history- I played in a country rock band for one measly year shouldering an electric banjo way before that was cool.Then I had a contra dance band. "the play with spirit string band" for about 8 years That i played guitar , banjo and mandolin in . I have been solo ever since with a few appearances under various names with friends such as the renegade styrofoam peanut, the unemployed workaholics ,loco talent. recently I am with "press'n on " . we got a good thing going doing original christian rock songs . I am presently in the studio doing a recording of a pile of my songs
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i do and am always looking for places that would click with my type of sound
Your musical influences
influenced by dylan, john prine , taj mahal, woody guthrie, dave vanronk, sonny terry and david(solomons son). he wrote the psalms and they are one bunch of soulful tunes
What equipment do you use?
gibson j 50 with custom widened neck with chicken head head stock. taylor 510 that is falling apart. a stewart mcdonald banjo- one of the first he made.
Anything else?
This old world is full of broken people and darkness with problems you could stack high in warehouses. the problems seem overwhelming but there really is only one overriding problem . SIN. think about it. every difficulty and quandry can be traced back to some sort of sin in one if not all parties involved. There is, according to the bible, only one remedy for sin and that is repentance and the perfect forgiveness and grace offered through Jesus's death and resurrection. There is a consequence for sin and the wages of it are death and misery . Jesus came to bring LIFE and more abundantly. I too was blind but now I see. You may think these Ideas are foolish and a sign of weakness. remember these words of mine someday .I truely believe you will. people need the lord . it is that simple.All other help is shifting sand
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