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Exit 44
Exit 44
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Exit 44 is a one man band from Winter Springs, Florida. With a more chill, hip hop style, with reggae and classical influences.
Exit 44 is a one man band out of Winter Springs, FL. With hip-hop influences like Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician, Atmosphere, and Aesop Rock. Other influences are RJD2, and some radio hip-hop groups.
Band/artist history
I have a history, but why look at that, when you can look at what I'm doing right now?
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't perform live as of yet, but you just fuckin wait until I get my tables.
Your musical influences
Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Bob Marley, simple instrumentals, instrumentals, Finch, Exit 44, Sublime, hip hop, underground, Winter Springs, Florida, the 407
What equipment do you use?
For now, I'm a FruityLoops and Nuendo user. But sometime, I'll be purchasing a new setup with tables, mixers, and ProTools.
Anything else?
Yea, shots out to my boys, especially Wafflehouse (we ride together, we die together, bad boys for life son), no need to forget my boys, Lil'E, Master Mizou, JPizzle, Lil D, Karsten, Ill Will, my boys in Tally, my Orlando Boys (David Johns, Jesse, Lander, and Scott) the Jax boys, and the 704's. And don't think I forgot my ladies; Jenna, you're a doll, Brooke, I Love You, and Lauren, where ever you are, you're the coolest. Maggie Davidson, I Love You! Sydney and Sam, WHAT UP?!?! Last but not least, Mom and Dad, I wouldn't be anywhere today without you two. And Lyndsey (My big sis, my oriental friend, my best friend), I Love You, with all of me. And hey, John Durning, you're the best for my sister. Thanks for being there for her, me, and my family.