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Not so typical avantgarde (art)rock band from Czech Republic, playing the songs with special emphasis on melodies, sounds, dynamics and groove.....
Titanova mys
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Not so typical (art)rock band from Czech Republic, playing the songs with special emphasis on melodies, sounds, dynamics and groove.....
Band/artist history
There was given the form of the band by Hanka Vankova and Radim Chrobok in early 2001 (ex-Love History, ex-Forgotten Silence). During 2001-2002 the fluctuation of members in the band was still quite intense, however the first stable members became Tana Dbala (vocals) and Viktor Cermak on bass. With the help of Martin Kostka (guitar) and Jakub Dolezal (sax), who becomes a regular member later on, there was given the birth to the first official promo recording consisting of just one longer song, called "Dead Man", musically and lyrically inspired by the same named movie by the cult American director Jim Jarmusch. Only in the end of 2002 the place of guitarist was filled up finally with Tomas Nykl, with whom the band finished the basic repertoire and started playing live at spring 2003. In the meantime Tana left the band and was replaced with Lada Soukupova after a certain time spent on huge search for the right front(wo)man. In April 2004 QuarterStorm is finishing another promo material in Viktor's home studio and in studio Hostivaø. During 2004 and the beginning of 2005 the band played yet more shows in Prague and around and does its best to play more and write the new songs, which take a slightly different style direction.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we do and we like it a lot! However, situation here is that unless you are a well known band nobody's interested to invite you for a gig. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to play at least once a month. We organize the shows ourselves usually and sometimes we invite other bands that we hope will invite us too for their own shows, in future. Kind of trade thing. We are also trying to get promoted abroad - anywhere around Europe or outside. We would LOVE to play in other countries if we got a chance!
Your musical influences
clever music only! : ) Peter Gabriel King Crimson Joe Zawinul Trilok Gurtu Jan Garbarek Sigur Rós Pink Floyd Chick Corea Flecktones Genesis Dave Matthews Band Santana Sting We like art-rock, but art-rock in a more "song like" form, as played by Gabriel, or Genesis for example, not with neverending solos and 25 minutes long compositions.
Anything else?
Thanks to anybody who gives us a chance and spends a few minutes on downloading our music and reading the lines!
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