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The illest underground hip-hop crew from New Orleans.
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Her feat. Mercury
Back 2 Back
Life Support
Euphonetiks is the illest hip-hop crew from the South. Composed of a heterogenous mixture of producers and emcees, Euph has built a brand by taking over ciphers and rocking at various venues beside hip-hop's elite.
Band/artist history
With three emcees from different regions and a universal sound, New Orleans-based Euphonetiks is destined to be the future in authentic hip-hop music. “Everything now is just fake,” said 23 year-old Louisiana native Lyrikill. “From the lyrical content of stuff most emcees don’t have and don’t do, to the rented jewelry, cars, and women on the video sets” he continues. “Lyrikill, Zach, and Onclaut came to rearrange thatto bring the love back to the music.” So far Euphonetiks have been staying true to their words delivering classic material. After releasing a critically acclaimed self-titled debut, they return to push the envelope of songs like the ode to improvisation “Jazzmen” and the politically incorrect “City State.” “The first album was real experimental, but the final product was good,” said Washington D.C. producer/emcee Zach. “This time around we’re claiming what’s ours.” The Euph team has paid dues for over 3 years now, performing at various venues throughout the city and abroad. Opening for artists like Zion I, Camp Lo, Souls of Mischief, and Louis Logic, group members have shared stages with Talib Kweli, Jedi Mind Tricks, Kool Keith, Dilated Peoples, and Jurassic 5. That work ethic has turned out four mixtapes, a host of singles (including the Living Legends assisted “Triple Shot”), one full-length, and possibly the most pivotal album in southern hip-hop. With their upcoming opus The Louisiana Purchase, the crew’s aim to stake their claim as the new leaders of the southern region, “Past Goodie and Outkast’s early days, we don’t know what happened to the South,” said hyper Houston native Onclaut. “We got a rep for bounce and bling, and, as true hip-hop artists, we must bring back the authentic.” Euphonetiks resurrects the authentic party-influenced jam in their first single “Get Up,” which features all the elements of a great song. Straying from popular rap topics like money, women, and violence, Euph bring having a good time to the forefront. “It hasn’t always been the way it is today,” said Lyrikill. “Look back at the 70’s and 80’s when hip-hop began, and you’ll see brothers weren’t killing each other the way they are today. Everybody was partying.” Not merely a party group, Euph adds pure lyricism over Zach’s futuristic soundscape of “Back 2 Back,” while Lyrikill ponders existence on his solo “Life Support.” The unique tale of females “Her,” produced by affiliate Mercury, is another well-structured track by the Euph team. The underlying point isdon’t sleep. This group may be the most lyrical oriented trio to ever emerge from the southern region. With the feel of a young Tribe Called Quest and production that has no parallel, it is certain that Euphonetiks will make a strong impact on the entire 50 states with their Louisiana Purchase.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We always rock venues--mainly in New Orleans. We have shared stages with Talib Kweli, Dilated peoples, Jurassic 5, Louis Logic, Zion I, and Kool Keith among others.
Your musical influences
A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Wu-Tang Clan, Black Star, Gangstarr, Little Brother, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron
What equipment do you use?
MPC 1000, 2000, ASR-X Pro, Kurzwiel, Pro Tools
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I really like your work...When you get a chance, check out my page, Let me know what your favorite tracks are...
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