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More Fire Productions
More Fire Productions
June 22, 2005
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What up this is PHENOM - I'm about to shake up hip hop and bring it back to where it needs to be. I'm the producer for More Fire Records. I don't just make beats, i produce beautiful tracks from start to finish with the groups i work with. We're about to have a stranglehold on all the action here in South Jersey so hate it or love it. I am willing to offer free beats on a limited basis to the hottest MC's high in the charts for some worthwhile exposure, or maybe some hot album cover art for us if thats your thing. Im not really interested in grinding for a quick $100 or so and give up exclusive rights on a beat that i feel is probably worth way more. Just gimme credit and thats good enough. Get at me and we'll see whats good. And don't bother trying any funny shit cause im not stupid...any beat posted has been registered with the copyright office at the US Library of Congress. EVERY TRACK ON HERE IS ON A MORE FIRE BEAT UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. I also would like to give credit to the person who actually took the photo of the girl dancing by the fire that i use for my image on here - thanks alot! http://pic.templetons.com/brad/photo/bm03/fire/
Your musical influences
first and foremost, as far as producers - Dr. Dre, the GREATEST... Heatmakerz, Swizz, Just Blaze, Timbo, Kanye (sometimes), Neptunes (sometimes, not lately though)... You'll hear a little somethin of everybody in my beats, but i do it MY way...i ain't a copycat beatmaker (yall know who you are) I'm ORIGINAL. I don't even listen to hip hop these days except for my music (and of course my SoundClick heads) because I don't wanna be influenced.
What equipment do you use?
its not what you use, its how you use it :) (i got everything i need until the big money comes)
Anything else?
Yeah i got a little something for any record execs who may, by the grace of satan himself, happen to be here peepin this site - WE - NEED - MONEY! not a lot though...just enough to pay my ridiculous gas heating bills every month...maybe like 10 million?
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