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LEGLESS...three of the most outlandish rock chicks in Australia. LEGLESS are not your average band. They are raunchy rock Chicks who like to shock and rock at the same time. They have a history of gothic horror mayhem. "Man, these girls are brilliant. These aren't Motley boys dressing up like girls, but ladies with a horror movie script of their own! Their songs cross the lines of both sexiness and scariness, and you should go and see them when they're in town. Just make sure you wear a raincoat!!! ;) Frighteningly beautiful." Dougie Fresh (Australia) "Now hear this, balls to the walls, what a sheer attack from these dolls. They rock and shock and let the music do the talkin'. Your ear buds will explode with prime choice grooves and moves. Its great being from the states and discovering a band who is right in your face. Scratch my itch kicks it into over drive,and that's no lie. Thanx for rockin' this planet." Dirty Dave (USA)
Band/artist history
Those Legless Girls are soft yet hard, They throb and bump and grind, I'd like to lube them up with lard, And do 'em till I'm blind. They look a treat all sweated up, All slick and wet with blood, They're right at home in jelly baths, And head to toe in mud. They snort and sniff and cone and lick, And suck with gay abandon, With flashing flange like Sharon Stone, And jugs like Sue Sarandon. But why compare these maidens fair, With aging worn out hacks?, They're more inclined to spend their time, A'squealin' on their backs. But should you crave an audience, The Legless girls to please, Be well prepared to spend the night, Before them on your knees. Signed Fredo
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LEGLESS is hell bent on revenge. Theyve spawned an evil rock riot act and are planning to hit the inner city live music venues in search of victims for their own hideous fetishes...hell bent on world domination! Fredo is now in hiding, in mortal fear of the devils music!!!
Anything else?
Christmas comes but once a year, But not the Legless bitches, Cos they prime up with bongs and beer, And get on down with witches. When Santa come a callin soon, Slips down their chimney pipe, The Legless lassies lie in wait, Stripped bare with cherry ripe. They call the elves to come on round, And what the hell...bring Prancer, The girls all love their reindeer pal, That horny dirty dancer. Our ladies lead the bearded chap To a room just out the back, You can hear him ho, ho, ho-ing, As they empty Santas sack. Another victim slinks away, A shattered empty shell, Old Santa learns the Legless rule, Theres heaven in their hell. Signed Fredo