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catherine kaide
catherine kaide
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catherine kaide , singer/songwriter , toronto , musician , canada , up and coming , waterloo , female, pop rock , acousitc ,
"Catherine Kaide is Ontario's best kept secret..." just one of the many praises sung of this young and talented singer/songwriter. From the early age or two, it was quite clear to everyone that her knack for music was going to take her places. "I don't remember ever wanting to do anything else. It was just what I did... what Id always done," says Kaide of her now blossoming career. Although she's been at it for years, Catherine is only now settling down to record a full-fledged album saying she just "wasn't ready for it before". Keep your eyes open for this future starlet, because you will definitely be seeing more of her.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yah, i play live as much as possible.. i mean.. isn't that what being a musician is about? playing? so yes, of coarse i do it, and of coarse i like it... what kind of question is that anyway?
Your musical influences
everything i listen to influences me, and it's funny, because most of the stuff i listen too doesn't sound like my style at all. anything from motely crue to elliot smith and back again. I love it all.