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INSTATUTION, institution, insta
LORD OF THE SPHERE - THE TWIN TOWERS This is a concept album, recorded in October 2002, about a powerful leader and the launch of a crusade against an undefined enemy. It's scope covers the year immediately following the attacks of 9-11-2001. Unfortunately, the story has not yet ended...... Since this is an album, I recommend that you listen to the tracks in order. But do what you will. It has been mastered to sound best on cheesy computer speakers. (The real band is INSTATUTION, also found here on Soundclick. We aren't normally this serious.)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not anymore. The band is defunct.
Your musical influences
70's rock. Give or take a couple of decades.
Anything else?
Band Philosophy The INSTATUTION was officially formed during the previous millennium, for one purpose : To use musical interactions between bandmembers and the listeners as a platform for launching unstable people into mental breakdown. Affected (or institutionalized) patrons may exhibit symptoms instantaneously, although most will feel their grasp on reality slipping over a period of weeks or months. Sure, it just sounds like catchy rock and roll, with no apology to the offended ear and great empathy for the engaged, but a door to another reality lies there, undiscovered but ajar, in your mind. Common bouts of Déjà vu. Crystallization of the most complicated dilemma, there, in the lines on your hand, or in the struggles of an insect to traverse a pane of glass. The burden of the gift of prophesy. Its not necessarily a BAD thing. But be warned. The effects are irreversible. And there is a subconscious primal desire to force that door a little wider. Just to get a glimpse of what lies beyond, within. Yes. Just a bit more.
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