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Progressive finger-style guitar, with emotional melodies and raw, honest lyrics.
I invite you to amble through my world of raw, emotional and honest song writing. I hope it might strike a chord in you and be a little more like a flower among the thorns of unsigned amateurs here on SoundClick. Though I indeed am a unsigned amateur myself.
Band/artist history
Yeah, never been in a 'real' band, but over time me and friends have made attempts, among the names we called ourselves where: Perelandra, Minds of the hollow, Bird Meets Glass :)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live very often, I have done private concerts for groups of people and have played at a coffee shop a few times. Playing live in interesting, often I do not feel the music, I sweat like crazy and I cannot keep my guitar tuned.
Your musical influences
The Decemberist, Blind Guardian, Bright Eyes, MewithoutYou, Iron and Wine, Rammstein, Damian Rice, Counting Crows, Pedro the lion, Shane and Shane, Phil Keaggy, Tourniquet, Rich Mullins, Sarah Groves, Saviour Machine, The David Crowder Band, Disciple, soul embraced, MAE, Haste The Day, Believer, Styper, MXPX, Keith Green, Bob Baer, My Dad, Toby, Petra, Copeland, Circle Of Dust, U2, Whitecross, Project 86, Six Feet Deep, Ten shekle shirt, System of a down, metallica, five for fighting, goo goo dolls, R.E.M, Radiohead
What equipment do you use?
I use a Cortez j-200 (Copy of the Gibson j-200) and a Cort guitar. A drum from north Africa which my sister gave me and a third hand capo and a Ibanez Bass guitar.
Anything else?
I am the son of a southern Baptist pastor, so there really is no reason to add that I grew up in a Christian home. I think it was when I was five that I wanted to eat the Styrofoam wafer and drink the shot of grape juice which was forbidden tell I prayed the sinners prayer and got baptized, so I became a Christian. I must say the Baptist have something going here, I doubt I am the only one out there with this testimony. While growing up I was schooled at home, and was anything but normal. In a word I was strange for example I actually wanted to be fat, and succeeded and would brag about my weight to the visitors of my dads church Well, that was until the age of girl consciousness, fortunately enough for me during my junior stupidity high years I was too shy to pursue any of them. I was like the nerd on those sitcoms that is easily made fun of, who does not understand the jokes, dresses funny, and would fall backwards if a girl approach him, stumbling for words and unable to answer if a girl asked him a question. AS I think about it now, I just grin and shake my head in awe that this was me I mean it is hard for me to believe. Yeah I was the kid who was picked last for the basketball and football teams, who could not find anyone to be my partner in the games. Yet, Looking back I suppose my obesity and weirdness was a good thing, for few live like Christians during their teen years, and if I was accepted by my peers, I too would have easily become the selfish, girl seeking, materialistic, American dream pursuing Christian, for by nature I am a "conformer and like play-doh I would have easily been pressed into the typical cultural mold, yes the one which I now protest. During the latter half of my teen years, my sister and I become close friends. I believe it was her relationship with God that was the main catalyst for positive changes in my life. I remember how she would want to pray about things, and of course I would not say no, but she would just pray and pray and pray, and I would look at my watch and wonder how long it will it be tell she stops?!. But I could not justify how uncomfortable I felt; she had a life that was foreign to me. Her passion for God shined a light on sad state of my soul. I had yet to truly taste and see that He is good. I remember laying my head on the pillow night after night thinking, "I did not think of God at all today... I'll try to do better tomorrow". I really begin to wonder what relationship with an invisible God is, I could not feel Him, see Him, hear Him. I could not get excited about, I did not feel like I loved Him and did not know how. I believe coming to grips with my lack has created a hunger and thirst for righteousness that has lead me on a journey searching for understanding, insight, eternal perspectives, self-control, abundant life and the knowledge and fear of God. I understand how the excess and misuse of the pleasure, power and possessions that the world offers is temporary, addicting, short lived, empty and meaningless. Therefore, no matter how much my faith is tested, I see nowhere else to turn. The content of my music is raw, honest and real. If you are not a Christian, you may wonder why I still am, considering the questions I raise, if you are a believer, you may very well wonder if I am saved. A risk I am willing to take for one thing I have been learning is that what I experience, though rarely spoken of, may just be more common for others then I once thought. It has been healthy for me to let it out, remove the masks and be real. Life does not seem to be as black and white as people make it, formulas dont always work. God is mysterious and often does not work how we think He ought to. I hope this music is a comfort and encouragement to you. I invite you to feel with me, ponder life, and try to find understanding and truth, amiss the temporal realities that seem to contradict what God says is true in the scriptures. My website www.forevergrasping.com is a collection of my art with their meanings, short writings & devotionals, music & poetry that compliment the art and writings. If you are ADD, you should love it! It will go well with the music of this site
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