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Monday Michiru
Monday Michiru
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Japanese-American Singer-Songwriter Monday Michiru
Japanese-American Singer-Songwriter Monday Michiru
Band/artist history
Since 1992, I've been a firm fixture in the international music world rooted from the Japanese acid jazz scene both as a soloist and collaborator. In addition to my solo work, I have also been a featured singer/writer collaborating with groups and artists including DJ Krush, Mondo Grosso, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Basement Jaxx, UA, Masters At Work, Joe Clausell, Lisa Ono and many others. While I am better known as one of the few women in Japan's underground club scene, I think I have crossed over and beyond the scope of club music to a style that is undeniably and uniquely my own as I also produce my own work. I have also appeared at numerous music festivals and clubs both in Japan and Europe, including the Greater Tokyo Music Festival at Honmonji, Tokyo (2003), the Okayama Jazz Festival (2003), the Blue Note Clubs in New York and throughout Japan, the Newport Jazz Festival in Madarao (1999), The Baltic Jazz Festival (1999), North Sea Jazz Festival (1997), Montreux Jazz Festival (1997), Stuttgart Jazz Festival (1997), The Phoenix Festival (1996), Beppu Jazz Festival (1995), etc. My latest project, the earthy and ephemerally organic Naked Breath," is being realized through ArtistShare and can be found through my website: www.mondaymichiru.com.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Aside from many clubs and festivals I have been invited to perform at (see below in band/artist history), I regularly tour to Japan both with my band, as well as in a guitar and vocal duet setting. My most recent performances at the Hot House in Chicago and SOBs in NYC was a lot of fun. Although I tend to be a shy person and am not into the idea of "entertaining," I love music and hope that my passion is relayed to the audience. My hope is always to leave the audience with a feeling that I've touched them in their hearts and souls in some way.
Your musical influences
It is wide and varied! Stevie Wonder, Chick Corea, Dianne Reeves, Carol King, Joyce, Milton Nasciemento, United Future Organization, 4 Heros, Jazzanova, Caetano Veloso, Pat Metheny, Ursula Rucker, The Roots, Tribe Called Quest...I could go on and on.
What equipment do you use?
Even though I'm not a techno or electronica artist, I tend to prefer analogue synths. If I had the budget I'd always be using an old Nieve board and record onto 2 inch! But for now I'm on protools and use the MPC3000 for the core of my recording and writing.
Anything else?
My music is really varied and I have a hard time pegging it as just one thing, as is evident from my influences. I work with a lot of great jazz musicians as I love jazz, my parents are jazz musicians, as is my husband, and so it takes on jazz feeling, but I feel it's a sense of nu-soul-fusion, mixing a 70s jazz-soul fusion sensibility with some modern and ethnic elements. My recent album is minimal acoustic guitar and vocal duets which is a departure from my more fully produced works.