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Extreme, diverse, technical, blackened death grind carnage!
Pathos is an extreme underground metal outfit based in the Northwestern US. We play over the top technical music that incorporates elements of death metal, black metal, grind, speed metal, classical, and flamenco as well as various other styles. Dealing primarily with dystopic and misanthropic themes pertaining to life in this modern world of shit. Ultra-technical, blackened death-grind!
Band/artist history
Since 1999 Pathos has pummeled the extreme underground with their unique style that is as complex as it is crushing. Combining a diverse array of styles that range from death and black metal to grind to classical music as well as multiple forms of ethnic music while keeping an emphasis on technicality, Pathos is an anomaly in the death metal arena which can often be a repetitive field. Founded by original members Cameron Olson (drums), Nathan Humphrey (guitar), Abe Kenney (bass), Owen Rundquist (vox), and later joined by second guitarist, Jason Griffith, the group continues to strive for creativity while maintaining their integrity in their writing method. In 2000 Pathos recorded and self-released the demo Lying Absolution and followed with regional touring of the Northwest and a tour of the West Coast. In 2001 the band released a recording of their live set in Richmond, CA. Also during this time Pathos cemented a deal with Northern Californias Intolerant Messiah Records to release their debut full length album the following year. After quite a number of delays Pathos was finally able to enter the studio in early 2003 to record their release for Intolerant Messiah, entitled Perdition Splits the Skies. The release has received excellent reviews domestically and internationally and continues to garner attention from various publications, websites, radio stations, and metal heads more than a year after its initial unveiling. Now, after extensive touring of the Northwest, three tours of the West Coast, minor touring of Canada and a full Western US tour completed in 2004, Pathos continues to work on new material and pursue their goal of creating music that is both intricate and technical as much as it is brutal.
Your musical influences
A huge variety of black, death and grind bands, classical music, ethnic music, and other more specific genres and musicians as well.
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