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Wendel Adkins
Wendel Adkins
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In your face rockin country blues
Wendel Adkins, if you like country music your gonna LOVE Wendel Adkins. From Honky Tonk to Blues sung from the soul THIS IS YOUR MAN.
Band/artist history
Wendel has emerged as one of the better country rockers. Wendel has played the nightclub and concert circuit for many years. His first major break came from an engagement in Florida where he was spotted by a Las Vegas club owner who brought him out west and booked him at the Golden Nugget and other clubs for two years. It was in Vegas where Willie Nelson spotted him and invited him to come to Texas, they left the next day. Wendel toured with Willie for some time before taking a stab at the recording scene. He cut his first album the Sundowners under the Hitsville label. He then started playing at Willie Nelsons club Whiskey River in Dallas, Texas and cut the Live at Whiskey River album. David Allan Coe and Wendel met at the club. Adkins and his band toured with Coe for a couple of years and followed that tour with George Jones. Wendel was also the House band for years at the famous Gilleys club in Texas where he cut yet another live album. Wendel has cut many albums and singles throughout the years. After playing in the states for many years he decided to play overseas and had tremendous success. Shortly thereafter Adkins took a long needed rest from all the years of beating down the miles of the road, settled in Nashville and refocused. As the saying goes, you cant keep a good dog down and this was true of Wendel. Once again he picked up pen and paper and began writing some of his best music yet. He released Honky Tonkin Texas Style and continues touring in Sweden. It is rumored that he is in the process of recording yet another c.d. and myself as a huge fan can't hardly wait. Wendel has performed with the best or as I like to say, they have performed with one of the best.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Wendel is now on an over seas tour. The fans and people over have made Wendel have that drive to play music once again.
Your musical influences
Once you listen to Wendel Adkins, you will detect many, many influences. Wether you like em slow or rockin, ladies and gentlman, all of your musical soul expectations will be met. YOU MUST SEE THIS MAN PERFORM. (IF YOU'RE ONE OF THE UNFORTUNATE FEW WHO HAS NOT)
Anything else?
If you can't party keep your dead ass home! ALSO VIST RUDE MOOD ON SOUNDCLICK FOR SOME GREAT MUSIC.
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