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Solo acoustic alt/country singer/songwriter. Formerly the frontman of top 20 UK chart band Candlefire.
Hi, My name is Jinder, I'm a 24yr old singer/songwriter/guitarist I'm based in Bournemouth, played 161 shows last year nationwide, release my debut solo record "Willow Park" on 04/07/05 on Folkwit Records, had a #18 single with my old band Candlefire in 2002 and played by special request of the band at Coldplay's Madison Square Garden aftershow party in NYC in 2003. My music is a kind of alternative country/folk, think a melting pot of Townes Van Zandt, John Martyn and Ryan Adams and you're somewhere within the ballpark. There are free downloads to be had on my website www.jinderonline.co.uk and lots more info there.
Band/artist history
Jinder was born on Sunday 19th April 1981-incidentally the day that Soft Cells Tainted Love entered the charts at #1. Growing up in Warwickshire, the heartland of english folk music, and living less than a mile from Cropredy, the home of the legendary folk festival and Fairport Convention, on summer nights often the music from a nearby barn dance or, once a year, the sound of live folk music from the Cropredy Festival would carry over the country fields and float through Jinders bedroom window, stimulating the youngsters imagination with new sounds and images...this combined with the American country music that filled his familys house as a kid irrevocably shaped Jinders musical future, providing inspiration and intrigue in equal measure. Skipping forward to 2000 and, after a few years' apprenticeship playing solo shows in folk clubs and coffeehouses (and some pubs...although coffeehouses sound more bohemian), Jinder forms trailblazing Bournemouth rock band Candlefire. After debuting to a sellout crowd live, in late 01 the band signed a management deal, and in early '02 a recording deal with One Little Indian, best known for Bjork's output. In July 02 debut single Sorrow Spreads Its Wings was released, charting at #18 Indie and #97 Mainstream. Album sessions at Jacobs in Guildford were, however, shelved after a roster shake-up prompted OLI to turn down their option to release a Candlefire album. Three brilliant, luminous tracks from those sessions remain but, following the amicable break-up of the band in early 04, they are unlikely to ever be released. In late 03, Jinder formed duo Olas & Jinder with buddy Nick Cull AKA Olas, and the two good friends hit the road, playing 180 dates over two UK tours and spending 9 solid months doing live work. After signing to Bournemouth indie FrontSide, the duo recorded debut album The Best Of Days Ahead which was the subject of lavish critical acclaim, but never reached the shops due to the collapse of distributor 3MV shortly before the scheduled release date. Unbowed, Jinder is now a solo artist, his relish for live work and recording undiminished. The Autumn has seen him play dates with Jackie Leven, a UK tour with Martin Grech, and a headline south coast tour of his own, and complete the record you hold in your hands now, Willow Park. Jinder was hell-bent on this album being his and his alone-the entire album was written, performed, produced, mixed and engineered by Jinder, the only outside influence being good friend Martin Atkinson, former Decca engineer and opera star Kiri Ti Kanawas live sound engineer, who mastered the album at his Buckinghamshire studio, the process of which was overseen by Jinder. Over its 10 tracks and 40 minutes, the album stretches from the Smile-esque opener Willow Park through the pure country-folk of Aimee, Country Sadness and Waiting Line, and the gently rolling balladry of In The Heat Of The Morning and Sephora Hurricanes to the gossamer-light closer Wait In The Meadow. Willow Park is intended not just as an album but a real listening experience, in the tradition of Townes Van Zandts For The Sake Of The Song or Leonard Cohens Songs Of Love And Hate. Listen and enjoy. Biog by Bob Thomas of The Box Fanzine.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live everywhere. Wherever there is a chance to play I'll be there. As I said above, I played 161 shows last year and the road is my life.
Your musical influences
I am mainly influenced by the American country and roots music and folk music that I grew up with. My biggest influences are: Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons, John Martyn, Jimmie Rodgers, Big Star, The Blue Nile, Neil Young, Dylan, Robert Wyatt, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Brian Wilson and Tom Waits.
What equipment do you use?
My stage guitars are two Takamine acoustics, one AN Series Cedar and Mahogany jumbo with onboard valve preamp, and one Nashville series smaller bodied Spruce top/ Indian Rosewood back and sides model with onboard digital preamp. In the studio I use both Takamines in addition to a Takamine EG510s-12 twelve string, a '67 Suzuki hummingbird dreadnought, a Perez nylong-strung parlour guitar,a Fender Nashville Telecaster and a '64 Watkins Rapier.
Anything else?
See WWW.JINDERONLINE.CO.UK for all the Jinder info you need!
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