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Nuxx is a one man project, hailing from Lisbon, Portugal. His sound is often described as a mind trip with complex percussive elements along with stunning sou
Nuxx - Outersphere
Nuxx is a one man project, based in Lisbon - Portugal. Often producing Goatrance but randomly travelling throughout Ambient, and even Dub as I-Konn. Nuxx music is often described as a mind trip with complex percussive elements, stunning soundscape leads that will get you dream and fly by, roaring basses for a quick pace & soaring mellow pads. Acid sounds emerge on every corner, with a groove that will take your heart out! Nuxx music currently has no hardware components save for a brand new Korg MicroKontrol and an Evolution Midi Controller.All creations are Based on Reason 2.5 with a Rewire Master for VSTI and additional Vst Effects.
Band/artist history
RMC Aka Nuxx start producing in early 1998. His debut CD "G3NeOl0gic" came out on 2000. "Activate Blue Special 5" was a breakthrough concerning Nuxx ID sound. "Seismic Assault" came out one year later, and "Arkhimedes" was a sucess. Reaching the Top Spot in GOA on deceased MP3.COM and staying on the top 10 For over a year. After a long break Nuxx Released "I-KONN, Hum of the Radix" , wich was a good turning point. Several good track and brand new remixes. Nuxx is currently working on his 4th CD with a Chilling aproach. KOR ORB will be out on OCT 1st 2004
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Eat Static, Astral Projection, MFG, Cosmosis, Orbital, The Orb, Juno Reactor, Shpongle, Infinity Project, Biosphere, The KLF, X-Dream, Plastikman, The Advent, Man W No Name, Ticon, FSOL, Hallucinogen, Joey Beltram, J. Mills, Leftfield, Prodigy... And this is the Tip of the sword!!!!
What equipment do you use?
Korg Microkontrol, Evolution MK-361C, EVOLUTION U-CONTROL UC-16, Genelec 1029A + 1091A MONITORS. Athlon 2500 with 1 Gig Ram and 3 HDD 80 GIGS each SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum eX. Cubase Sx 2.0 - Reason 2.5 - Ableton Live 3 - Novation Bassstation & V-Station - Linplug Albino & RM IV - NI FM7 & Kontakt - Refx Vanguard - Ohmforce Bundle - Waves Diamond Bundle - Anarchy Fx - T-Racks,
Anything else?
I dont have pets.
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