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Room 212 is a place of doubt, fear and pain' but it's also a place of mercy, love, grace, peace and a place of miracles. Room 212 is two fathers and two sons co
Room 212 is a place of doubt, fear and pain; but, it's also a place of hope, mercy , peace and the grace of God. You see, Room 212 is the place where my son who was eleven at the time lie in a coma for almost a month after being hit by a car going 50 miles per hour three years ago. After he came out of the coma, he began to tell us how he went to heaven and saw Jesus and his grandpa after the car hit him. He had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, read, etc... it's been three years and now he's playing drums live with our band! God is good! Room 212 is two dads and two sons. We combine the old and the new in a way that seems to work pretty well for us. Our prayer is that our music will be an encouragement through all the hard times and difficulties in life and through the times of rejoicing as well. God bless, much love, David L. Herring Room two twelve is: David Lee Herring(43)- lyricist, lead singer/rapper David Mark Turner(43)- lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, drum programs, background vocals David Anthony Herring(14)- drums in live concert and drum programs on "Nice, Clean Jesus" Justin Turner(20)- rhythm guitar and drum programs on "Save Me!(from myself) and lead guitar on "Nice, Clean Jesus" Room 212
Band/artist history
Mark Turner and I have been recording together for the last ten years. We did our first song which was a Spanish language Gospel rap in 1995. Mark does the music and I do the lyrics and Mark sings on the chorus on quite a few songs. It's a formula that works pretty well for us. In the past my son would rap on several songs with me. We were a Christian rap duo that went by the name F4G and CC Now, we hav e my son DAvid Anthony on drums , and Mark's son Justin on guitars. It's a father and son thing, lol. Run DMC once said that you can rap to any kind of music. We're proving that as we branch out into heavy metal, rapcore, funk, acoustic pop, and even ethereal ambient music. All for the Glory of God.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well, Justin is not here right now; he's in college on the North West Coast freezin' his fingers off ( he's a guitarist, lol); Anyway, hopefully this summer when he's back we will be hitting some concerts and coffee houses. I just performed solo at Christian Edge in Lacoochee, FL last night. We will probably be doin' a concert there with the band and a fill in bass guitarist soon. ( Robbie are you reading this , lol). When my son and I did hip hop together we performed in Florida, Alabama and North carolina.
Your musical influences
We are a band of two generations and bring together a lot of varied influences. Our music is very eclectic bringing together many styles and influences, here are a few(ok, so there's more than a few, it started out as a few then jsut grew and grew and grew, lol): Larry Norman, Father of Christian Rock, D-Boy Rodriguez, One of the pioneers of Christian Rap and a martyr for Jesus, 38th Parallel(Christian rapcore with great vocals on the chorus), Paul Wright(acoustic rock meets hip hop), Project 86(hard rockin' metal-rap), Don Potter ( worship leader), Pettidee (Christian dirty south rapper), A.G.E. (Hispanic West Coast Gospel Rapper), G.S. Megaphone(Christian grunge rock band) , Savior Machine (Christian goth rock), Exuviae ( Ethereal Ambient Music),MG! The Vissionary(West Coast Christian rapper and as far as I'm concerned one of the best flows there is in hip hop), Urban D and the Flava Alliance ( Christian east coast rappers from Tampa)DJ Stereo Man ( Christian dance hall reggae artist),Robert Garcia (great personal frieind and excellent songwriter from Central Florida),steven Whiley ( recorded the first Christian rap song "The Bible Break" back in 1985), Ill-Harmonics ( hip hop group which combines live instruments and rap), Rod Laver (rapcore), Shekinah, Boston's own Christian spoken-word artist and female rapper, all the guys from 25 Sudan St. in Dorchester, you're a great inspiration,also: Cross Movement, Johnny Cash, Tinman Jones, Papa San, K Drama, Critical Issue, Roots and Akcent, Ed Da Rawsrvnt, Los-1, Beyond Skillz, D.I.R.T.,Salvador, Rodney Howard Browne, early DC Talk, Toby Mac, Over Flow,Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Gary Nash and The Royal Tones, Jerry Turner and BreakThru, Greg Siegrist, God's Annointed Disciples of Christ, Annointed Flava from Tennessee, one of my first influences: Randy Daniel,and here's a few more: Preachas in the Hood,Brother E. and Brothers Incorporated for the Lord, Pillar, the Knomads(mountain rap from the mountains of N.C.), E-Roc, the Rapsures, David Ruiz, and last but not least, I sure can't sing like you,but thanks for the inspiration and great music and spontaneous worship and praiseto: Joann McFatter.
Anything else?
It is our hope that our music makes you bang your head, and bob it on occassion. We hope that it an encouragement to you, makes you think, brings you to tears from time to time and even makes you laugh every once and a while, and most importantly: let's you know that God loves you and is there for you when you call on him.
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