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We are a high energy Classic Rock band with rock,jazz,folk,blues influences and a positive 2000-esque edge. Grab a fork and take a bite!!!
Gingerbread Man
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Broke Again
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Welcome to WHERESBRETT!! If you wanted great, diverse, fun, positive, introspective, classic, folk, blues, rock with a 2000-esque edge...well, you have come to the right place!!! THank you for your visit and we hope you enjoy the tunes.
Band/artist history
MEANING OF THE NAME WHERESBRETT In questioning the WHERE'S BRETT NAME, both it's origin, and it's meaning, the listener is left with a multitude of possibilities. One could analyze the name and initially assume that Brett is missing and we must find him - but, we will leave that question to the Where's Waldo fans.... One could also assume that the name refers to the visual representation of the band. There are pictures of Brett and the band merged into historical figures and strange scenarios throughout the CD booklet and website. Hence, Where's Brett? becomes a question of historical influence for our actions. Is he an astronaut? a fisherman? a knight in shining armor? or mayhap just a ne'er-do-well en route to the gallows... Perhaps the listener will refer to the CDs' music in deciphering the meaning behind the name. With a variety of musical styling that cover the gamut of genres it is easy to assume that our question "Where's Brett" refers to the various time-periods of musical influence that are evident within the songs. For example the 60's Roy Orbison like "Cryin' Eyes", the purely 70s' "Tuesday Morning", the 90's feel of "Hear my Name" and the 2000-esque "Woodpile". The band has created timeless pieces of music crossing all genres. When asking "Where's Brett" musically? we realize, he is everywhere. Ultimately however, the name "Where's Brett", as defined by the entire package, truly reveals the big picture behind the band. The question refers to the state of mind that we the band and you the audience are in. As individuals on a journey through time, we learn, grow, and share our experiences with each other. Helping to create an understanding of existence and of ourselves. To ask "Where's Brett ?" is also to ask where are we ? Where are we at in our lives? Spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. Where are we going as a society? So, tell us if you can, Where's Brett ???
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live any place big enough to fit our growing fan base and small enough to keep it intimate. We love playing live. It seems that our stage show really reaches out to people. The crowd gets into our lyrics and a connection is made. There is nothing like the surge of energy we get during a live performance.
Your musical influences
Like we have stated before we are very diverse. If you enjoy different music styles fused into one fun performance we are the band to see. Heck, we may just smash our guitars to a motown song just to see your reaction!!
What equipment do you use?
We use Grass roots traditional instruments. We try to keep it as natural as possible. We use PRS Guitars Washburn Guitars and Banjo's. String Bass and real skins!! We do use a Korg T-3 for some keys..it's an old enough unit not to count as being too techno...You try hauling a hammond around!!
Anything else?
Don't hesitate to check out more about WHERESBRETT at www.wheresbrett.com
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