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Currently a one man band from Toronto, Ontario. All tracks are recorded one at a time in my bedroom, direct to PC. I'm a guitar player so it's mostly guitar-ty
Right now, no band. Just me in my room having fun with my guitars and computer. So far all collaborations have been over the internet. Please stop by the message board and say hello. ...and join mailing list and you'll be notified when a new tune is posted. Since my last upload, I've written over a dozen new tunes and fixed up several of the ones on my page. I'm saving them for a CD compilation, but I'll put up some samples when I'm ready :)
Band/artist history
Hmmmmmm... I started playing bass in Grade 10. Switched to guitar the mid-semester, and... well, that's it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not really.. does sitting on a bench in the middle of a park count? I just play for personal enjoyment and who ever is within earshot...which are usually just people passing by my at the park, friends, or whoever can hear it outside when my bedroom window is open.
Your musical influences
I listen to mostly rock and blues, but there are some things that I like in almost all kinds of music. ...yes, even POLKA. But I don't have any polka here....yet. Maybe one day I'll blend Polka and Punk Rock and see what happens.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars: Ibanez Universe Ibanez Jem555 Ibanez RG 350DX (Scalloped and monkey-gripped) Fender American Standard Strat (mid 90s) G&L ASAT Deluxe Epiphone DOT 2 guitars thrown together from various bits and pieces Samick acoustic 2 Johnson Steel body guitars (one with engraved pattern, one plain) Bass: El cheap-o Yamaha (no model indication) Amps: Peavey Classic 50 212 Fender Princeton Chorus (collecting dust) Pignose Hog (collecting dust) Rig and Effects: Furman PL-Plus Line 6 POD Pro TC Electronic G-Major Crybaby Wah Digitech Whammy II Boss HR-2 Harmonist (collecting dust) Boss LS-2 Line Selector (collecting dust) Ibanez TS9DX (collecting dust) Peavey Q131 (in the rack but not connected) Symetrix 501 Compressor/Limiter (also not connected) Boss Dr. Rhythm Dr-660 Recording stuff: M-Audio Delta66 soundcard Cool Edit Pro 2.0 Cubase SX (just started using it) *Guitar (or bass) -> POD Pro -> Computer Line-In. OR *Guitar -> Peavey Classics 50 212 & Record w/computer mic.
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