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Young Kidd (US)
Young Kidd (US)
22 Tracks
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Band/artist history
Young Kidd is a very out of the ordinary type of hip-hop artist. He has been threw a lot in life and still is on top of things. He went from his father leaving him when he was 2 to his mother pasting away at the age of 8. After that he moved in with his older sisters. As soon as things were going well, two of his sisters started to do a lot of stupid things, like take drugs and hanging around the wrong type of people. So Young Kidd then started to write rhymes about his life and he was about 12 years old. He would sign up for rap battles in schools and establish his own rap groups. After a while he thought to him self Why not just go solo. A lot of the people he has worked with werent as serious as he was when it came to writing music. Hes style is all over the place. A few words from Young Kidd: I wont stop even if you hate me or love me, I am who I am and thats what its gonna be! I get a lot of hate just because I do what I do and the fact that Im white pisses people off but I use the hate as fuel and motivation to come back and crate better music!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
All kinds of different Rappers! But my main influence is MYSELF, Young Kidd
What equipment do you use?
I use an iMac with programs such as GarageBand, SoundTrack, iDrum, ProTools, and LOGIC PRO. I also use MXL V67 Mic, Sony Head Phones, 2 CDJ-1000 Turn Tables with a DJM-500 and also 2 JBL Speakers
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