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Dancefloor Ready LIVE P.A.!! The #1 EDM Artist in Arkansas.Get ALL of his grooves right here on soundclick.com
In a distubing world of Dj's & Fruity Loopers ruining the scene there stands a handsome 22 year old caucasion man in a polo shirt equiped with a full artillery of hardware and gadgits to change your mind and raise the dance OUT OF YOU!!!! PEEK is a EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Producer/Artist hailing from the southern parts of America who produces a wide variety of stylez (Genres) such as: Trance (Psy,Goa,Oldschool,Epic), DnB/Jungle , Breakbeat , Electro , House , Trip-Hop/Chill , Noize , Industrial , Hip-Hop + Much More! DONT FORGET!!!! To get your free MP3 cds (downlod in the music section) Artist:PEEK Album:Heres Peekin @ U Kid! ep... Genres:Minimal-Experiments-break-trance-electro Label:The Digital Bedroom Realese YR:2004-05 Tracklisting!!!! 1.Watered Down Suger 2.Do U Wanna Hit? 3.Caffeine 4.Im The Peek of Your High 5.Babyoil on The Danfloor 6.Horror Groove File SizE: 29.6 MB Bitrate: 128 kbps Artist:PEEK Album:ElectribeLIVE! Genres:Freehand(LIVE)-Drum & Bass-TripHop-Minimal-Experiments-Breakbeat-Trance-Electro Label:The Digital Bedroom Realese YR:2006 Tracklisting!!!! 1.Spa City 2.Glossy Lips 3.Blue Dot. Eyedrop 4.Clubkid 56 5.The Knock Code 6.A.M. ave. 7.Clara Blue 8.Put on Your Happy Pants! 9.GO 10.Mr.Luxury 11.Hug a Train File SizE: 49.8 MB Bitrate: 128 kbps As of right now (2008) Im working towards a Trance EP... & a DnB EP... so you can expect alot of hopping back n forth in future releases!! NOTE:Yes Im aware my past attempts at EDM arent the best you will agree I have improved greatly if you download/listen to my new material.
Band/artist history
project started in 2004-05 w/ my first piece of harware!! more history comeing soon:
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Live scene consist of mainly just stuck up Dj's and a Handful of Software Junkies that make your run of the mill electronica thats hardly impressive or innovative. So instead of going local PEEK is more focused on a Globel following Releaseing all his material via Internet proving you can build a loyal fan base without even playing live shows
Your musical influences
hybrid,dj rap,dr.walker,louie devito,lordz of acid,prodigy,solar twins,tweaker,atari teenage riot,ec8or,alec empire,john digweed,kristy hawkshaw,wumpscut,front line assembly,liquid bass,dyewitness,aubrey,dj dara,dj encore,dj dreamy,cotten club,sean alexander,troy jones,sneaker pimps
What equipment do you use?
I use 2 KORG Electribes ES-1(sampler)and the Mx(production station)and a microkorg synth and all the recordings are made on magix audio studio 7
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