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Matt Milne
Epic composer, multi award-winning films, games and tv. https://soundcloud.com/matt-milne-8/sets/demo-reel-full
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Brethren of the Coast
Work in progress. For a game mod, with a pirates theme.
Heroic Fate Foreboding.
assassin's guild
a slightly epic track.
the final track of 'the great war' suite.
trailer music 1
Track for film trailers and previews. very low quality demo version. Theatre quality versions available for use in cinemas, dvds etc enquire at matmilne@hotmail.com
With more than 12 years experience scoring titles recognised by the best publications and people, Matt can bring the very best out of any producer, and provide that extra special dimension your production needs. awards: PC Gamer: top 20 wargames of all time for 'Wings Over Flanders Fields', and 'Rise Of Flight' Rock, Paper, Shotgun: top simulator games of all time for 'Wings Over Flanders Fields', and 'Rise Of Flight' WOFF features a 3-hour soundtrack, on an epic scale and remains my most enjoyable project to date; taking ww1 and turning it into music, was simply awesome!
Band/artist history
2005 - 2009 student films and game mods, including Star Trek: Bridge Commander - kobayashi maru and Hearts of Iron 2 grand battle. 2010 - 2014 WW1 simulator Wings Over Flanders Fields released, widely considered the leading title in aerial combat depicting ww1. Rated in top 20 lists by PC Gamer, and Rock Paper Shotgun, scoring 99% on Armchair General. Also provided music for 10 different star trek fan series, and my first broadcast terrestrial TV series eventually leading to international satellite TV. 2015 - 2016 first steam title 'dungeons: the eye of draconus', and some others yet to be released. First full demo reel. Invited to score rival game 'rise of flight' by its fans, and to provide music for 'IL2-Sturmovik: battle of Moscow'. actively Seeking new projects, and up and coming producers.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Church Organist on occasion. Most interesting and special moment was playing for a hospital, at a christmas service for all the infants and young children who left the world before their time.
Your musical influences
John williams, Rachmaninoff, Howard Shore, Jerry Goldsmith , james horner, hans zimmer.
What equipment do you use?
East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Pro XP with East West Symphonic Choirs
Anything else?
It may seem overwhelming, but just talk to the guy, he's easy going and very dedicated to making your ideas a reality. You won't meet a composer more willing to meet the creative needs of a project, more determined to fight his corner, or more dedicated to bringing what you envision to the world.
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I must agree with you. I think she did quite well with this song and I encourage you to do more with this singer. I really, really liked it. She may not be perfect but this is real life and it just fits perfectly with the tune. I would like just a bit more information about this singer. And thank you so much for the music and for sharing this song with us.
Great music.. Cheers
Great track Matt perfect for Over Flanders Fields thanks !
I'm not sure if you want comments from "non-musical" people, but here is my reaction to this. At first I thought, "it's pretty, but is that Star Trek?..." but then, I thought, with all the spiritual allusions to Bajor, and the special connection that Corey seems to have for Ro Nevin, that they give the theme and overall uplifting, etheral quality. I'm reminded of looking up in a sunlit cathedral and seeing the sunbeams streaming through the stained glass windows. Which is sort of the effect I had when I saw the part in the film where Corey was climbing the hill to try to get to Ro Nevin in his vision. As I said, really beautiful and uplifting in a refreshing new way for Star Trek fan films. Thank you for sharing it with us! Rick Pike
i like your film scores....you are clearly proficient in this field....i also make film scores, but in a significantly different style...let me know if you ever want to build...peace
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