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Leaky Faucet
Leaky Faucet
6 Tracks
Four kids from poteau oklahoma who got bored and decided to record some demos
Hello, this is Leaky Faucet, which consists of Trent Morris, Tanner* Williams, Clint Johnson, Carlie Bunch, and whoever else we want to include, playing just about anything, and recording it on one of our respective computers. We are all from Poteau Oklahoma, and are all juniors at PHS. With the exception of Carlie, she's a sophomore(* means Leland)
Band/artist history
Four small town kids in rual southeastern oklahoma decided to make some music together... we also make ametuer movies... we're going to put them up on the web somewhere if we can...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do not play live right now. If we were we would practicing as we speak maybe unless we were asleep or at school.
Your musical influences
Weezer, the rentals, the special goodness, pavement, modest mouse, university of north texas one o'clock jazz band, herb dennis, lots of old blues and rock from the 60's... foo fighters RATM... there's soo many, its hard to list them all
What equipment do you use?
Trent - 1991 fender mexican telecaster, 2004 epiphone 335, 1992 peavy classic 30 and a 4-12 vintage kustom cabinet Clint - 1983 Ibanez roadstar II, some old 100watt yamaha bass amp with one 15 (this is serious old school) Tanner* - 2003 Fender mexican Telecaster, a Samick Strat copy with 2 new humbuckers, one is called the Humbucker from Hades and the other is a seymour duncan tb-51 it also has coiltapping onh the tb-51 and a black ice passive distortion circuit, and also a used Mesa Boogie F-30. Carlie - CB trash set with trashy stock heads... looking to upgrade soon, decent sabian b8 cymbals though... Recording and vocal - audacity sound editing software, some crappy headset mic, 2 Shure PG58, and 3 m201n beyerdynamic mics. We have a 12 channel sunn mixer and a dual channel 300 watt sunn power amp, we're probaly gonna run it through the kustom cabinet for now, until we get some better speakers. we'll also probably use guitar amps as monitors.
Anything else?
wow... things going slowly... haven't been able to get everyone in the same state this summer, much less able to practice... we should be more active once school starts here in a coupla days...
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