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Geneva (PA)
Geneva (PA)
2 Tracks
rock n roll, pop rock
Peak in sub-genre #80
Geneva was formed in fall of 2004 with one intention--rock n roll superstardom. The band has the songs and the tools to make their dreams a reality now they just need to be heard.
Band/artist history
We haven't been together too long but a quick bio sort of goes like this. Lead singer and songwriter Jay Wiley played in a local Pittsburgh band for 3 years and the band got real good. TJ Hill (drummer/songwriter) and Michael Greggo (guitarist/songwriter) asked Jay to join their band after Jay left his band due to business disagreements and career decisions. So Jay joined TJ, Michael, Charlie Fornitero (bassist, did I spell that right Chuck?), and Dan Jareb (guitarist) to make the great westward movement to a more viable market in the LA area. With Jay's songs combined with his new friends' songs and the tightness of years of playing out experience the band has come together with a killer sound already. They are currently working in a Pittsburgh studio and saving some cash to make the move out west in July of 2005. Stay tuned for some pics, music, and updates.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Mostly in the Pittsburgh area now at spots like Club Cafe and Hard Rock but we're movin to California in July.
Your musical influences
Black Crowes, Oasis, Beatles, Wilco, Jayhawks, Chris Stills, Ryan Adams
What equipment do you use?
guitars, drums, amps, and speakers duh!
Anything else?
We think we're the best!