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The Arcitype
The Arcitype
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The Arcitype is a producer based in Cambridge, MA. He is the in-house producer at The Bridge Sound & Stage and produces for a number of artists in genres from H
From soulful vocal samples to gritty piano lines, The Arcitype has something to offer every emcee. His crispy snares and chest-pounding kicks, captures audiences in a wave of heavy rhythms.
Band/artist history
Born in New York City's Little Italy in the early 80s, The Arcitype's love for music began at the young age of three. Son to a World War II refugee from Hungary, The Arcitype's father enrolled him in music school at age five, and surrounded him with drums, recorders and guitars. Moving from the New York to the rural and isolated Western Massachusetts, The Arcitype continued his musical education and began playing Classical piano. Influenced by his uncle, one of Eric Clapton's early musical peers, he engendered a strong love for the blues, and began picking licks on the old beat-up Fender Strat his uncle gave him. As the lead guitarist with Blues/Funk group Tip Top Deluxe, The Arcitype played shows to packed houses. Touring the New England Tri-State area, Tip Top Deluxe headlined shows at various clubs, bars and festivals from 1998-2000. When the group split in 2000, The Arcitype moved onto a solo career in Acoustic Rock and Blues. The need for demos spurred his interest in the recording process, and led him to set up a home studio. By 2002, The Arcitype had branched out into Hip-Hop, seeing it as the modern day interpretation of the traditional Blues he loves. Utilizing his diverse musical background, The Arcitype began creating Hip-Hop beats. The result: A new breed of Hip-Hop, with a greater awareness of musicality. Leaving the Berkshires for Boston, The Arcitype pursued a degree in Audio Production and Music at Emerson College. It was during this time that he began to establish himself in the Boston Hip-Hop scene, forming relationships with the city's best emcees, and other producers and various promoters. With his studio, The Bridge Sound & Stage, stationed in Cambridge MA as his headquarters, The Arcitype continues to work with artists throughout the US and abroad. His nomination for the 2008 Boston Awards Hip Hop/R&B Producer of the Year, only helps prove The Arcitype to be one of the strongest Hip-Hop producers New England has to offer.
Your musical influences
I'm influenced by everything in life.
What equipment do you use?
MPCs, Tech 12s, Record, Reason, Recycle, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Various Keyboards and and lots of Soul.
Anything else?
Check out my label and its artists at www.arclassicrecords.com and my recording studio at www.thebridgesoundstage.com
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