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HARO (Mikesynth)
HARO (Mikesynth)
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Air of Trance
Peak in sub-genre #84
Haro is deejay, producer of Spain, its subjects are based on the electronic scene. One of its goals is nonsingle to offer conventional sessions, but concerts woderful so that I publish perceives sensations with the rate of its subjects.
Band/artist history
Young Spanish born in Badalona, a town of Barcelona. From the 16 years begining to attend rooms and events related to electronic music, and is here when begin to touch to plates and a mixer, accompanied by their companion "Toni Barna" carried out sessions in some deprived celebrations, Toni continues puncturing in a room of Badalona "Mystery". When having good knowledge of computer's, I am interested in musical software, within I generate critical moment, house, progressive, tecno. and starting to compose basses, melodys, learn to listen to the music, the sound and if to begin his first subjects, like "Not Free" or "Uploadtrance". Now single delay to be able to have the opportunity to show to its musica and being listened to in all the parts of the world that can.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live in privates partys,in Barcelona with my friend Toni Barna.
Your musical influences
Within the electronic music, I like to fuse a little the styles critical moment-house, house-progressive... They enchant the synths and the percussions to me
What equipment do you use?
-Program Adobe audition (mastering with waves) -1 mic -1 sound card sound blaster audigy -1 synth roland -2 monitors tanguy