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Soul Of Fire
Soul Of Fire
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Fast melodic metal, exploring new kind of metal style, most Epic and battle metal, cooperation with other artists freely on soundclick and in the music communit
It's like nothing can tame my wrath, that nothing can heal my pain and put away my suffering.There is no hope to survive, there is no future for us... Human Kind is a failure.... I can't deny it.... I hate this world.... -NeoDarkHunt Zero What i've produced with other Artist From Soundclick: " I've Got You " - Rap Metal - Artist: Heretique1307 " Dragon Engine " - Heavy Metal - Artist: Dying Doll
Band/artist history
I have played with some group before try to create my own song, But all the time i couldnt be really free to let my mind and create complete (or at least almost complete lol) song by myself or be a active part of a band. And now, the true freedom is here, on Soundclick, i can finally be myself again...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No live performance yet. Except for those with other old band i was with, None with ADF-Soul of Fire. ....
Your musical influences
My First Influence is what is surrounding me, my feeling, my emotions, my vision of the world. Secondly, ADDBD influence me a lot too (ADDBD = A variation of the Roleplaying Game D&D), The Player Actions, any situation, the complexity of some of them...I listen a lot of music, but the style and the band that influence me is "Metal".
What equipment do you use?
Some, And working to buy new one, we can say, that i have a minimum to do what i want.
Anything else?
Want to thanks some special peoples because of their moral support and friendship. Herrtique1307 "PL", My Bro "My Friend Sahin" From Turkey. that will always be my first fan (haha) "K" (or Kail D) From Quebec City. for some technical support with music Visit his Soundclick Page! Band name: Dying Doll http://www.soundclick.com/bands/dyingdoll
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