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Wounded by fate
Wounded by fate
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Band/artist history
Basically it began with two of us. Alan on drums and Carlson on guitar. We did a lot of jamming but nothing really too serious. We then crossed paths with Jeff (vocals), and Mike (guitar) about two years ago. A lot of time was spent coming up with material and practicing it non-stop. Being without a bass player definetly was not helping us and it was really lacking that full sound. Scott (bass) has now joined up and we are finially complete. now just to play some shows.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have played only one show up to date and it was minus a bass player. Since then we have gained the missing link and are looking foward to playing gigs.
What equipment do you use?
drums: Sonor force 2001 toms and kick, pearl snare, iron cobra double pedal, Sabian cymbals (lots of them, gibralter rack. Guitar (Carlson): Crate blue Voodoo head with 4x12 cabinet, dimebag wah, chorus pedal, Jackson randy rhodes Guitar (mike): Crate executioner and 4x12 cab, jackson king v Bass (scott): Galien kruger head with a peavey 2x15 cab