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Dirty Dan and The Ruff Nekx
Dirty Dan and The Ruff Nekx
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9 Tracks
Country Rock Rednecks that love booze, broads, and tattoos
Me, Leo & Henry
Peak position #79
Redneck Love Song
Peak in sub-genre #76
Get You Outta My Life (live)
Peak in sub-genre #70
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Peak position #52
Dirty Dan and the Ruff Nekx are a South Dakota based Redneck Rock and Roll band that loves booze, broads, and tattoos. With Songs Like God Made Fat Women Fer Lovin and Copenhagen Lady-Skoal Bandit Queen, The Ruff Nekx are out to celebrate being rednecks even though the only caucasion member of the band in Dan. Kim Chee is mexican, Haji BuckAshish is American Indian, and Delbert Grimes is Puerto Rican.
Band/artist history
Dan and Haji met back in 1986 and formed the world famous country punk band Eddie and the S..theads. Due to creative differences, (and a long prison sentence on Dan's part) Eddie and the S..theads parted ways. When Dan was released from the South Dakota State Pen in 2003 he immediately contacted Haji about reforming the Eddies but unfortuately Eddie died from an accute alergic reaction to Miricle Whip and lead poisoning. That's when they decided to search the globe for the right members for a new band called the RuffNekx. After meeting up with Kim Chee in the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, both Dan and Hagi realized that they found their musical soulmate. The three musical masters rehearsed contiually for the next 5 days when they ran into Delbert Grimes in the parking lot of Jerry's Pawn Shop in Mobridge, SD and the rest is Musical History.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live every time we get on stage! It wouldn't sound too good if we played dead now would it. As fer liking it....We love it!! What could be better then free drinks and drunk women!! Special Moments?.... Well one time, Delbert decided to play nude after takin around 30 shots of Jack Daniels in a one hour period. Well, there was this real tall chick that took a likin to him so he starts liftin his bass up so she could see his...Well you know what. Anyways, after the show, this "chic" decides to head over to the hotel with him. After around 10 minutes or so Delbert come screamin out of the room in sheer panic!!! The "chick" comes runnin out naked right after him tryin' to chase him down and the funny thing is that her's was alot bigger than his!!
Your musical influences
Lynard Skynard, Poison, Rodney Carrington, AirSupply, Pantera, and Freddie Fender
What equipment do you use?
Depends on what we're doin. If we're playing a gig then we use guitars, drums, and a PA System. If we're in a hotel with some hot chicks we use whips, chains, gag balls, and a whole lot of other toys.
Anything else?
Yeah....Well... Maybe not.
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