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Miss Lu? Who? Luciana........ "Sensually Breathtaking... Seductively Captivating....." These are just a few words that describes the Soulful Singer/Songwriter. Her sound is so unique it is been said "she was blessed with a soulful sound that could tantalize your ear drums with sure delight....." "In The Follies Stepin Out....RAMI winner Luciana belts out a medley of I'm so excited with burning hot vocals. Then she shares a lovely duet of unforgettable, and in a special comedic rendition of James Brown's I feel Good, Luciana makes this scene an absolute stitch, as the scene rolls into the 1940's with the song Keeping Out Of Mischief it is truly known that she has the assurance of a star."- Victor R. Yehling (Rockford Registered Star) The combination, with the additional song styling of RAMI award winner Luciana, who can handle absolutely every music genre known What a fabulous soulful voice; and this show contains most of them.- Bill Beard (Belvidere Republican) "Luciana adds a special zest to Shake Rattle and Roll and displays a wonderful talent for interpreting lyrics her voice so smooth and alluring..." - Edith McCauley (The Rock River Times) "Luciana's involvement with Mrs.Bob Crotchet's Wild Christmas Binge was impeccable comedic, and her timing with the other actors was creatively wonderful."- Edith McCauley (The Rock River Times) "I heard a sample or two of projects that Luciana has worked on while being involved with Studio Zoom, and the product was amazing. I previewed a performance video that included a duet with Luciana and fellow "zoomer" Antwan Tobias doing one of Luciana's pieces: "All Guys Are The Same" Although neither musicians has former performance training, the dynamic between the two was full of energy and love for music. Luciana's voice is deep, rich, soulful and confident, and her enunciation is clear and trained."- Molly Fleming (The Rock River Times) Luciana would like to continue her involvement in theatrical productions as well as enter into a career in the music industry ... "Performing is always a passions that I enjoy and I hope the future will open the doors of success in my long journey ahead...." While the multi-talented artist isn't hung up on genre labels she hopes to find a place to stand out among other Singer/Songwriters in the industry as she leaves a mark of shear talent behind.
Band/artist history
Born and raised in Chicago IL., Luciana Marcia Maria Fleming resided in Rockford IL., for seven years before moving to the Georgia area to pursue a career in the Music Entertainment Field. This Urban, R&B, Neo/Soul-Singer/Songwriter has a deep appreciation for the harmonic Foundations and express that in her music vocally. As a songwriter she has been developing her writing skills since the age of 15, "I knew I had to create just the right music blend in order to set myself aside form the many other artist already out, I'd like to think that my vocals express the emotions of the lyrics I write" says the Soulful artist. Music was considered to be the one thing that shielded her from life's adverse situations, being said that, her writing skills continued to improve as a result of self healing, her lyrics became biography's of her life, hopes and dreams. Luciana has a very diverse interest in all musical backgrounds, Songwriters and artists from all genre's of music has influenced her to continue creating and feeding the drive that keeps her going. From Songwriters like Diane Worwick and Baby Face, to new Songwriting artists such as Pink, Melisa Carlton, Eryka Badu, and Jill Scott, "They Creatively opened boundaries of unique Storytelling" says the Singer/songwriter. When speaking about music Luciana express..."Even though I'm still new to the music world, as it is constantly changing...I'd like to think that I've been preparing for the moment when I'm finally embraced in the arms of the music industry" The Chicago native has had two years of vocal training, which helped form her unique sound, and later with the move to Rockford IL. Luciana began her journey as a backup singer (3yrs.) for a Rockford band called, Bea Brady rock-n-soul revue (now known as Bellinia). The group help to craft and master her talents opening solo spots, and features. The Band performed at local nightclubs, private parties, weddings and casinos, Giving her the opportunity to performed in a variety of places In and around Illinois that include; Rockford, Chicago, Palatine, and Joliet, it also includes Indiana, and Michigan. "Rockford formed a door of information" says the Soulful-Singer/Songwriter, after departing with the band she continued to peruse a career in music by creating a female group called "Focus". Focus was a project that had her full involvement which added lyrics and vocals from the Singer/Songwriter, but the group never made it past studio recordings, and parted ways. Still driven, Luciana set out as a Solo artist, networking with other local musicians in the area giving her more opportunities to perform, she later then worked on her first locally generated album..."Open Mic Night" (2002) Which created a buzz in the Rockford music area.. In April of 2003 Luciana was recognized for her Singing and Songwriting abilities when she received Rockfords RAMI (Rockford Annual Music Industry) Award... for Composer of the year, the album "Open Mic Night" also earned her a Nomination for Album of the year opening up yet more opportunities for appearances on cable network TV, features in newspaper articles, and interviewed by the media concerning her talent, it also gave the opportunity to be featured in a few local T.V. commercials one of which for the Rockford's Semi Pro basketball team called the..."Rockford Lighting", the other for "Studio Zoom" a Local studio helping unsigned artist gain knowledge in the music industry. It also landed her more performance appearances at places such as... "The Booker T. Washington Fair" (Booker Fest 3yrs.), "The National Black Women League" (The Black Family Reunion),"The United Way foundation" (in Rockford IL.) and for two years Luciana has performed in the "Juneteenth celebration", Opening up regular Performances with Rockford's well known local band "The Missing Links" whom she performs the On The Water Front" Festival (2004 &2007) with Luciana has also been affiliated with another well known musicians in the Rockford area such as Jazz saxophonist "Harlan Jefferson and the So So Tight Crew" and "Play Ray Productions" The Soulful windy city native has yet another craft that she has been perfecting since high school... "Theater" "I have always had a passion for the arts, doing theater was a way for me to jump out of my skin so to speak and become someone else with out judgment". The majority of her co-staring roles as an actor of a comedic nature helped to expand her creative stage offerings. Luciana's theatrical productions includes plays such as... "C.A.D.A.A.B" (Car A Driver And A Bottle) (May 1992) "The Family Man" (June-July 2000) "The Follies Stepin Out" (June-Aug. 2003) "Shake Rattle And Roll" (June-Sept. 2004) "Cats" (May-Aug. 2006) "Church Fight" (June 2006) "Mrs. Bob Cratchits's Wild Christmas Binge" (July 2006) "Anton In Show Business" (Sept. 2006)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I gig where ever I can I love to perform I love the responce that people give me because I do get undivided attention... One of my special moments was April 17 2003 the day I won an award for my songwriting abilities just to hear my name called and give the "I'd Like To Thank" speach was a breath taking moment and to hear my name called again for being nominated all in one day was a tear jurker of joy!!!
Your musical influences
Luciana Lists the following Influences: I have a wide variety of music that I listen to and artists that has touched and inspired me, from Stephanie Mills, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson to Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow, Weird Al Yankaviage, Jewel and Madonna to Pink, Nine Inch Nails, The Fu Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, and Lincoln Park Park just to name a few because there is more....
What equipment do you use?
My vocals and a pen and paper.... Oh yea and some music...
Anything else?
I wanna Take this time to let you know if you want any more information about me or you would like to about booking arrangments email me I'm looking for a team to take me to the next level....or you can Join my yahoo groups
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