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Area 51 Music (US)
Area 51 Music (US)
3 Tracks
Powerful Hip-Hop duo bring you that raw hip-hop
A powerful rap duo that has the capabilities to take over the whole hip-hop world!!
Band/artist history
A51 is the heavily armed hip-hop duo made up of (X-Caliber) a.k.a. Raymond Lee & (7 Figgaz) a.k.a. Andrelle Mills. The lyrical style of the late 80s and early 90s combined with charisma of modern hip-hop make them enjoyable for listeners whether they are old school fans or new school fans. These guys, as solo artists, have been paving the way for regional hip hop acts in East Tennessee for several years easily making their way into the hip-hop mainstream. The name A-51 derived from the military term Area 51 which was an area kept secret for years allegedly hiding unidentified flying object pieces and testing of mass destroying weapons. Similar to the dynamic duo of two separate styles becoming into what best describes A-51. Both rappers have been working on music collectively for over eight years with each other as solo artists. A decision was made to band these lyrical skills and intellect to come up with this sensational duo which has been long awaited!!! A51 have been blazing the southern underground for 2 years as a group and has brought something new to the southern hip-hop scene with influences from Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, KRS-ONE, Redman, and The Roots. A51 has opened up for several major label artists including Petey Pablo, Mystical and The Nappy Roots to name a few!!! A51 recently released a mix tape Fall 2004 titled Championship Rap which displays the groups versatility and unique lyrical style. The group has been working with JVP Entertainment, an independent entertainment company that promotes regional indie artists such as R&B/Hip-Hop artist Jaystorm and Hip-Hop artist Myster Rhythm. A51 is looking to expand their music globally through their hard work and dedication to their craft. It wont be long before the whole world knows exactly what the best-kept secret is because its time to shine for A51
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, The Dirty South, Love 2 rock crowds, Plenty of special moments!!
Your musical influences
EPMD, RUN-DMC, WU-Tang click, & Tribe Called Quest
Anything else?
Watch out!!
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