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Etiquette Mona
Motala, Sweden
January 14, 2005
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Etiquette Mona was a burning pop-combo from Motala Sweden, in those hectic punkrock/new wave DIY-years 1978-1981. One of Etiquette Monas songs, their single "Amsterdam", has been voted one of the 50 best swedish pop-tunes ever. Setting: Joakim Hermelin: vocals, bass Lasse Dyna: vocals, guitar Claes Ivansson: drummerman More than two decades later, Dyna and Claes have reunited in the country-on-acid-group Landlord (Swe) represented on Soundclick. Joakim is A&R at Silence Records http://www.silence.se/default_eng.htm
Band/artist history
We formed. We learnt to play. We moved to Stockholm. We died.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Are you kidding?
Your musical influences
Buzzcocks, Richard Hell, Garbochock, Docent Död
What equipment do you use?
Gloves. To prevent bleeding on stage.
Anything else?
Not really.
On playlists
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Full of beans.
That sounded like fun - and a bizarre experience too.
Well Mr Dyna, why would we hide behind fake names and make crap records if we actually wanted to be famous? Mind you, it seems to have worked for most of the so called popstars these days. Whether you want it or not, I've always felt that you guys deserve a lot more recognition than you get. Such is life. As to the video... glad you like it. It's merely my interpretation of a beautiful song using the footage that was available to me at the time. As with all these things, some folk will love it, some will be jealous of it and some will genuinely hate it. I really like it and I really enjoyed doing it, so that's all that matters to me. By the way, I suspect that the young French girls on the beach dance better than you lot can. They're certainly better to look at. All the best. I'm off to hunt for some more material....
Hamster dam? It's beavers that build them actually. Shoo-be-doo-dum-dum.
Whats this crazy obsession with them pittiful looners in skirts an all - the Skids? Sad thing I actually DO remember them. Terrible lot, terrible 80s pomp and posing. Quite charming really, come to think of it...