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Gavin Campbell
Gavin Campbell
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Sometimes im rock sometimes im not
Welcome to the next level! Finally got around to updating the soundclick page, Id been very busy with "No Half Measures" to concentrate on any solo stuff. But I did manage to do a recording session over the summer of solo tunes. Description of the mp3s found here: NEWS!: Added the first off the new EP, "Chasing the Sun", removed a backlog of old mp3's so its down to a few live cuts, old favorite or 2 and electric fix instrumental EP, as well as the new mp3. Added the only recorded material of albino 8-ball too The band has decided on a name of "No Half Measures" and were working on getting a demo together atm. ## Formed a new post Albino band with Graham and Ash as it looks like its officially over. Joining the band are Adam Anthony (Guitar - Emperor's of ancient China / The Trends) and Dean Welsh (Vocals - The Trends / Solo). Played some songs last night live under the guise of the LP's. But it has signaled the final nail in the coffin for albino 8-ball. Chris + Matt are forming a new band, and everyone is still friends. Stay Tuned, folks. ### Hey well the albino 8-ball thing was interesting still waiting to get the video. As for the future the band will continue under a different name and without Rosie. Chris will be returning all being well Furthermore i added an Emperor's of Ancient China song, live from musical futures.(Slightly remixed by me to remove some recording clicks etc.). I've also moved the band to the "previous" section as they are on hiatus, with matt and me concentrating on albino 8-ball, adam is in the trends and lewis (who's in wackamole) and jazz broke up :P. We did a little performance recently but without adam - unlikley to see anything more from the band, but time will tell. This is my solo page for my music, I've been a guitarist since 2000 and being writing music since I could walk. Here you will find my demos and songs that I have written or covered.
Band/artist history
Bands and projects: ##Previous## Lee phillips solo: 2003 (Left 2003 - Split 2004) 1 Core 7: 2003 - 2004 "6 Dicks N' 2 Chicks" : 2005 (One off) The Emperor's of Ancient China: 2006 (Inactive) Albino 8-Ball: 2005 - 2006 (split) No Half Measures: 2006 - 2007 (Hiatus) Skamazing: 2007 (Hiatus) ##Current## Solo: 2004 -> Present
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah toured around hertfordshire with my old band "No Half Measures"
Your musical influences
I am influenced by everyone who plays good guenuine music. But the big names; Bright Eyes, Dylan, Beatles, Guns n' Roses, AC/DC, Van Halen
What equipment do you use?
M-audio Delta 44 recording interface Behringer Tube Ultra Gain Mic 100 Reason 2.5, Delta live and Cubase Epiphone Les paul Custom plus Zoom GFX, Morley Wah Marshall Amps Peavey Generation III(Bass) Laney Hardcore max Yahmaha Accoustic CPX
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