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Indie Folk Rock
this is a new project. before BLOND DYLAN there was ZEN TERRORIST. ZEN TERRORIST sounded a lot like arab strap or malcolm middleton's solo work... but now, BLOND DYLAN sounds a lot like early VELVET UNDERGROUND or PAVEMENT or DESTROYER... even the BEATLES' WHITE ALBUM. it's more about letting the songs be... not worry about attitudes or such... only music.
Band/artist history
Edmundo Veloso V. had another projects before: Zuecokimonomagnetico, Zen Terrorist, Daniel Star... and also Leo Quinteros makes his own music too (www.leoquinteros.com)... in this records, Leo produced Edmundo's songs and played some of the instruments. San Chonguete played some drums...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we've played live in a birthday of one of our friends... we hope to play soon when the record is finished
Your musical influences
Destroyer, Pavement, Velvet Underground, Beatles's White Album, Bob Dylan.
Anything else?
For this new record, we are trying to make songs more simple and rocker... I've learned to create a simple version of the song on my acoustic guitar and then Leo and I improvise around it, until the song reaches its own possibilities... In most of the songs we simply pressed the record button and then add more instruments and edition... So, the songs grow as we play them, and every song became different in concept and in energy, in instrumentation and in emotion, because everysong represented a different space in time... Each song found its own way. So, I feel like we're doing a White Album or Velvet Underground and Nico-like record, because there's nothing planned from the beginning here. It only happens. Songs happen. It's kind of a Zen thing for me. I've learned to quit trying to control the song, I've learned to stop thinking it's mine and stop thinking i could make it mine. I've learned to stop trying to reduce the song to my concept of the song and then just let the song find its own way, even if that way might sound stupid, weird or against the composer's ego... (my ego, anyway)... Listening to my ego is not healthy for the song...