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Changing project name to Dystonic01.. Heartfelt lyrics float in fluttering melodies designed to make you feel for a moment
A project by Justin Tamminga... I started off playing guitar and a little bass. Then as of 10 years ago, I became obsessed with drums, as they are the most physical and driving instrument that I could play. I also learned a small amount of piano and cello. Throughout learning and adoring different instruments and styles of music (being in a few bands) I taught myself how to record them so as to smash em all together and create my personal blend of music. Next to skateboarding, music has always been a huge outlet for me. Its a way to dump your innermost thoughts, fears, pain, basically, for me, a way to release and let go of things that are troubling. Music is very personal to me and I tend to stay on the darker side of the spectrum, (poppy bubble-gum smiley music has never appealed to me) only because I FEEL it more.. Dont get me wrong. I enjoy an uplifting melody as much as the next person. I'd just rather not have it backed up with thoughtless lyrics. All in all, Id rather not listen to music if there exists no feeling in it.. So I strive to shove all of the feeling that I possibly can into every track of my recordings. I hope you feel it.. oh and please drop me a note if you hear something you like..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I wish. Actually at the moment it sounds like an old band I was in may start again
Your musical influences
joy division, godspeed you black emperor, sunny day real estate, broken social scene, music with feeling, radiohead, cocteau twins, muse, in flames, interpol, the flaming lips, blonde redhead, rjd2, beck, sleeping people, new order, pete yorn, siouxsie and the banshees, bjork, paco de lucia, skinny puppy, philip glass, refused, pinback, hieroglyphics, elefant, goapele, waxwing, unearth, dinosaur jr., the mars volta, tool, these arms are snakes, sebadoh, the cancer conspiracy, portishead, unwound, dj shadow, pink floyd, outkast, kid killowatt, harkonen, karp, muse, eyes of autumn, the cure etc. etc. etc...
Anything else?
copy/paste to watch the No Love Lost trailer.. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8066816041884712051&q=Cheap+shot+collective&pl=true
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