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Dj Prodigal (ADR)
Dj Prodigal (ADR)
55 Tracks
Producer with crazy skills in making fresh hip hop beats and mind altering drum n bass. Producer of Surreal Beat Society (SBS) which would be me, Gene..
I am an underground producer for myself, Genesis 7154 (WE ARE PRO-GEN), Promethium, Bubonic, and Founder of the Suppliers Of Creation. Producer of the SURREAL BEAT SOCIETY (The Creators Of The Realms). Just making bomb ass music for the good of the Human species! If you like beats e-mail me and I will make you some. DigitalBullshit@yahoo.com CHECK OUT THE NEW SITE AT www.DIGITALBULLSHIT.net
Band/artist history
Its been me from the start and it will be me till the end. SBS! Lovin The World Pro- Gen!!! VALUE LIFE!!! - - - Jonah Cruin
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are soon to knock the roofs of many parties around the west coast.
Your musical influences
Zecharia Sitchin, Paul Oakenfold, BT, Orbital, Amon Tobin, KMK, E n A, Sage Francis, APHEX TWIN, o yah cant forget Jimi Hendrix, Pin k Floyd, and Beatles.
What equipment do you use?
Fatboy Slim said everybody needs a 303, and well he was right. You dont know shit about aking electronica if you dont have a 303 or a Future Retro 777, or Revolution. Its also about those classic best machines like the TR-909, TR-808, and many other different beauties out there. classic machine sequencing can be done in Reason. you also have to have some good synths- ANOLOGUE ONLY!!! Today reason is prodably the best squencer out here, but yoou must keep it real by sampling none of this digital synth shit.
Anything else?
Well... music is about putting people in a place which they are not currently in at that moment in time and thats what I like to do. Deep music is the only way to go. Surreal enough for ya? If anyone needs beats give me a holler ok... umm ok.
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