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access denied crew, adc productionz, ADC, A.D.C., Shay productionz
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oldskool softy mp3
dance dance
summer dance track
dreamy piano drum n bassy
Band/artist history
the adc wer 2gether as school frends since the age of 11/12. we wer all into music and decided to create a group putting our skills and love for music together. iv personally been singin since i can remember n then started to teach myslef to play instruments from about the age of 12/13. then i started to produce at the age of 14. n so went from there.....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i started playin in my school and church. iv also performed for the queens jubilee concert n several other events. i work with granville n through this connection iv played with the adc at the capital city acadmeny in harlesden, and solo's at the pop bar in soho n the grand central in old street. iv also played at the arch in angel with a company called vocool. and the most recent performances were at the hair beauty show which was fantastic and the oh!bar in camden town (a whole lotta luv in that place. lol) . my fav moment was wen i won 1st prize at a talent competion, i sang 'made up my mind' by lyfe. it was excellent.
Your musical influences
i am the biggest alicia keys n john legend fan ever!! i also really love originals like outkast and n*e*r*d and classics such as nina simone, frank sinatra, teddy pendergrass, chaka kahn, keith sweat and brazilian artist antoni carlos jobin. im really feelin amy winehouse coz she's real to da max. lol. then i hav the grunger side of me which loves amazing bands such as linkin park, papa roach, limp bizkit, system of a down (brilliant), korn, soundgarden. the classical side of me loves wolfgang amadeus Motzart, Bethoven n salari n dnt 4get the artist wid soul like omar, erykah badu, d'angelo, musiq, lyfe, jill scott and so many more..........
What equipment do you use?
iv used everyting from cubase to akai machines. i tend to use fruity loops, adobe audition/cool pro edit, logic, adic pro, cubasis sx, reason, but i love live recordings and performances (thers nothing like a real crowd)
Anything else?
u hav to hav an open mind n an eclectic taste in music to listen to all my music, but hope you like wat u hear. if u hav n e comments jus drop me a e-mail (towny_grunger@hotmail.com)AND DONT FORGET TO RATE THE TRACKS WHEN U HEAR THEM! XPEACEX
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