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Todd Pronovost
Todd Andrew Pronovost is the singer songwriter for SAMSARA and AGENDA The Rock Band. Both bands are Alternative Rock Ensembles from Montreal, Quebec that combin
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29 songs
16.8K plays
Maude (Agenda The Rock Band 2004)
Maude is a French song inspired from one of Todds relationships gone sour in Lake Louise, Alberta back in '92. Feat. Ingrid on violin and Mireille on Back vocals. Hit #1 Folk Rock. Merci Beaucoup!
Erreur Au Labo (acoustic)
Song about Science and it's dangers to mankind. Reach #11 in World Fusion.
Au Nom de la Beaute (acoustique)
This French Song is about Todd's take on beauty and what we do for it. Reached #82 in Acoustic Rock. Nos salutations a tous!
So High (Samsara Pre-Prod Demo 2017)
I'm a Fool (Samsara Pre-prod Demo 2017)
Checkout The Official Facebook page for Samsara's side project Sounds Of Absolute Power by clicking on our name below and Like it for later news. Thanks! Check out his songs among others that you might hear with the band someday. This page is meant as an archive of past recordings, good and bad.
Band/artist history
At the age of 3, Todd already knew what he wanted. He loved to be on stage. He would ask to be on stage, so his mother and grandparents would always bring his small guitar to the different local festivals and if the band was willing, they would pop him up on stage. At seventeen he was a mess and I did something drastic... and mostly stupid.... Todd joined the Army. A dog on a bowling alley. What was he doing there? Curiously...It's in the army that his music really started to develop. While posted at the National Defence Headquarters as a Military Policeman. He would at every occasion stop by the cabaret/showbar Zaphod Beeblebrox's in Ottawa. There he was introduced to the Ottawa local music scene. He met up with Bass player Joel Carlson of the band The Whirleygigs and side project Dr. Shiny Forehead. He was a good teacher. Todd would like to salute Al Mortimer (singer/guitarist of the Whirleygigs). The Ottawa band Furnaceface were just starting out. Hed have to admit they influenced him a lot also. So did his roommate at the time singer/songwriter Stephane Poirier (who when he was last heard of was frontman for the band Poor Starving Artists back in '98.) After Todd was kicked out of the military for being an administrative burden, (He did everything to get kicked out,) He left Ottawa at 19years of age never looking back. In 91, Todd studied Creative Arts at Dawson college in Montréal. Jammed for a while in a band called ANEMONE 12(douze). Saw Jane's Addiction and later Fugazi at the Rialto. According to him, the best and most intimate concerts he has ever seen. In 92, Todd took a plane and left for Lake Louise, Alberta. There He met up with Yan Juteau. Honestly the best and most original guitarist he had ever come across. Thanks Yan for your time and patience, and for making Todds songs sound so cool. They would write and play together at Stable's Pub and down in the village at Charlie's pub. Todd learned to play guitar and went camping and Mountain Climbing a lot. Rick Sward from R&B sold him a little Yamaha Acoustic guitar for $50.00. In March 94, Todd left Lake Louise in his $150.00 82 Dodge Challenger with only three cylinders on four that were working and no heating and crossed Canada. In Montreal, Todd started busking in the subways. Todd went solo for three years. In May 95, Todd busked his way across Canada from Montréal to Victoria, hitchhiking with his Girlfriend (at the time). Then...alone...acousticly opened up for bands in an afterhours club. He also wrote a lot of songs in that period. Todd also sold jewelry and clothing in downtown Vancouver and on Wreck Beach In Februrary 96, the Vancouver rain got to him. Although he does love you Vancouver. Todd Flew back to Montréal. Todd played at Le Quai des Brumes and Le Zinc on the "Plateau Mont-Royal". Todd got to play for a while with an amazing guitarist from Marseille, France, Jean-Francois Mathieu who would often play blues at Le Bistro a Jojo. Salut J.F! In September 97, Todd answered an ad in the local paper and joined a bunch of guys... J.F, Macé (guitar/back vocals), Danny Figueredo (drums), Francis Roy (Bass), and Gaetan Briceault (vocals, guitar) and we formed SAMSARA. Thats where he really discovered himself as a singer. Todd didn't have to touch the guitar in SAMSARA. they'd practice at "La Cité De L'Image" next to the Molson Brewery in Montréal. Oh...It was loud in there. No insolation at all in the walls and the poignant smell of hops seething through the windows of the steaming hot jam space. The SAMSARA experience lasted two years. We had an opening Party on Halloween night in which my's costume was ,I must confess, everything but holy,... sorry. There is an embarrasing Video of that night in circulation. Any one who brings back any copies will be compensated. No...It was a seriously good time. Through those years, They played at the JailHouse, Café Chaos, Pegase, Le Cirque, and le Felix. Through SAMSARA Todd met potion 7. They had double billed with them a couple times. That's were Todd's association with the Goose man started. It's also where he met AGENDA's drummer Mee-shka. (You Should have seen him with his long red beard and dreads). Goose (Ex-Reactor member - You can hear them at http://www.soundclick.com/reactor) and Todd started to form A band with our Amp wizard Dave Galea (Ex Reactor and Cryptopsy member), and Gery Lecker (Ex Chromosomes), whose name was going to be either Tony Virtue or Virtue 101. lol. We put together songs that may appear in the AGENDA lineup. "Hourglass" has made it's way in the lineup since Dave has joined the band as of May 2005. Dave brings limitless talents to the band. In 2008 Agenda The Rock Band went on Hiatus while Todd tends to the Samsara revival. Samsara has a number One hit on soundclick from April 25th 2015!!! Check them out at http://www.samsara.rocks .. more to come... Listen to SAMSARA's recording or AGENDA The Rock Band along with guest musician Ingrid Wissink on Trumpet and Violin by clicking on the Website LINKS at the top right part of this page.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Todd is Singer/Songwriter of SAMSARA (Montreal) and AGENDA The Rock Band. I'll play anywhere. I love the energy rush when playing live. It was a special moment on April 15th when Samsara played live for the 1st time in 12 years at the Piranha Bar on Ste Catherines street in Montreal, Canada
Your musical influences
On Todds 4th Christmas all he wanted were musical instruments and records. At That age Elvis Presley and Paul Anka were everywhere and his mother would always listen to Tammy Wynette. At the age of 8 years old KISS came into his life. He remembers sitting next to the LLOYD's Stereo in the basement pumping his ears through the headphones with Kiss, Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, and B-52's. He'd carve their names in the styrofoam wall of the unfinished basement of our house. Then, when They'd visit at his big cousin Pete(PEE-TAY)'s house in Sorel and I'd listen to Alice Cooper, Todd Rundgren, Styx, Supertramp, Peter Frampton, Ted nugent and more. Jane's Addiction, Fugazi, Rollins Band, Helmet, Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath, Bob Wiseman, Sepultura(Soulfly), and System of a Down are other major influences.
What equipment do you use?
2016 1987 Ovation Legend U.S.A. 1978 Yamaha FG-351SB 2010 James Tyler Variax 89 2015 Gibson Flying V Custom Shop (made for Japan version) 2016 Gibson Flying V Traditional Pro 2010 Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 Model 2012 Washburn Princess P2 2016 Gibson Explorer 76 reissue in ebony Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 100 Orange 4 x10 cab Roland Jazz Chorus 120 POD HD500 in 2015 Todd used Fender Deville and Deluxe guitar amps, Fender Stratocaster HSH and Godin Core P-90s.
Anything else?
Please Check out
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